first days of winter

It's the first days of winter, finally. My favorite season, my favorite time of the year and Christmas my absolute most favorite holiday. We have lots of family plans coming up so at the moment I feel like its the calm before the christmas storm, but a good storm. I am completely avoiding my housework at the moment. Lots to clean but it can wait at least a little bit more. 
The mornings have been cold and & frosty and the moon the last few nights has been amazing. Clear skies and sooo bright. Fills up my whole living room when I get up in the middle of the night to let Miss Maggie out. It never fails around 1 am or so she needs to wake me up for her business.
I've been baking and baking and baking and I absolutely can't wait to bake these. Hers look amazing.
My usuals are snowballs or otherwise know as mexican wedding cakes. Chocolate crinkles and of course sugar cookies. I found an ugly christmas sweater cookie decorating kit at Trader Joes recently, score! so much fun. 
As I reflect on my knitting this past year, I realized I actually didn't get as much done as I thought. I did a lot of sewing and thats because I reopend my etsy shop and I plan on continuing that next year but really does take up a big chunk of my spare time. A lot of knits socks and a few shawls. My mom and sister in law were recently visiting and they always raid my shawl cupboard so I am down a few. I really love being able to share my handknits apart from my absolute favorites. I need to replenish the stock so I do have shawl plans next year. What are you knitting plans/goals?
I am going to stick to doing a pair of socks per month probably keeping them simple though so I can keep up. No design plans or goals as of yet. 
Definitely more quilty and sewing goals. I really want to sew an irish chain quilt next year, a bit one for my king size bed so that will be a feat!
For now though, I am going to quietly enjoy the last days of the year. Just be with family, bake some more and eat a lot. Maybe I'll fit in a little knitting but my nieces and nephews will come first since time with them will be precious. There is a little bit of sadness in the air between my hubby and I since this will be the first christmas without Sammy. She left such a giant fluffy hole in our hearts and to lose her this close to the holiday season seems a bit more sad... She is in doggy heaven reunited with our Sydney who we lost awhile back, on a permament adventure together. 


  1. I love your table runner, Olivia. It's beautiful! It is Summer now where I live and, although not hot today it can be a scorching season here. The cooler months are my favourites. I'm sorry that you've lost your Sammy dog, their absence certainly leaves us bereft for a time after they've gone. May your Christmas be a lovely balm and full of happy moments for you. Meg

  2. Lovely post. I am having a baby in February so my k itting this year may slow down. I love your shawls and quilts. I can’t wait to see the king size quilt develop. I just made a smaller quilt with squares my kids and I solar-dyed with plants from our garden. I love it because it’s so personally meaningful. Thanks for a year of inspiration. I look forward to see what beauty you create in 2019.

  3. Gorgeous table runner!! Lots of soft yarns, that 's so pretty. Beautiful photos.

  4. Oh ... I just discovered you through your sock pattern on Ravelry and followed it to this blog. Not only do I love your table runner, but we have the same dish set! Folkart by Pfaltzgraff. Sorry for your furbaby loss. I've lost 2 in the past 2 years but have been blessed to be caretaker of 2 more - both Australian Shepherds - "my little aussie girls" as I call them. Look forward for reading more of your thoughts in future posts!


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