wildflowers, cross stitch & etsy shop reopening..

Its decidely summery this morning. We have had some amazing weather recently, sunny, breezy and warm without humidity and then just an incredible amount of rain for a couple of days and everything is just bright and green. David and I went for a country drive yesterday evening, the windows rolled down and maggie hanging out while I held onto her for dear life. It all smelled soo fresh, clean and earthy. 
The bluebonnets are mostly gone and now the queen anne's lace and pink primroses cover the ground.   My ranunculus bulbs which I planted have sprouted and are looking good, so are my cosmos and other flowers. 
These past couple weeks have been spent doing a lot of sewing. On a whim, I decided to reopen my etsy shop. Maybe just for the summer, I have time at the moment so we'll see how it goes. I am working on some completely magical bags for a collaboration with The Blackberry Ridge (check out her yarn, its wonderful and so is she!) I think this collaboration will be the first of a few and also one of a kind so if you are interested be sure to check it out, I'll post about it on instagram. I love making, its something that brings me so much happiness. Sewing, knitting, cross stitching, I love it all. I couldn't choose a favorite! I finally cast on a Vertices Unite shawl, its been in my queue forever but I'm pretty happy with it, very interesting construction.
I started stitching on my lovely new kit by Alicia Paulson. Oh my gosh how I love it, the colors and the design. So so pretty. Just a few stitches here and there and maybe it will be finished by summer. I love her stuff! Already looking forward to the next one. I think I might have a problem. Its a good one to have though. 


  1. I can smell the sun-warmed earth through your pictures. It looks like a beautiful place to be.

  2. such gorgeous photos, it looks like you've had spectacular weather and are making the most of it!

  3. more lovely photos. Is Maggie the Aussie? or the old blonde dog? Life without a dog just wouldn't be right would it? After both our Aussies died three years ago, we went 9 months without a dog. I couldn't bear it any longer and we went and got another Aussie. Life is all as it should be again.

  4. Beautiful photos I have the same embroidery work from Alicia Paulson but have been without time to start it. I love her embroidery kits. Your project bags are so pretty.


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