granny square blanket

My blanket is growing. I get in moods where all I want to do is work on one thing and thats what I did. All day saturday, it started off gloomy and rainy and those days do not come often here in north texas so I took advantage. I crocheted the day away with little tea breaks in between. It felt so good to not have anything at all on the agenda. The sun did come out eventually and we took a walk with the dogs, a very muddy walk. My running shoes were completely cover so probably not the smartest idea but maggie can't stay cooped up for too long because she drives us crazy with her puppy energy. 
I'm using jamieson shetland wool, its not traditionally used for blankets I guess but I love the heathery colors. All the pinks! I have reached the point where I have to figure out what I would like to do for the border as the rounds are too long for the bits of yarn I have left without mixing it up and I like it as is. Its about lap blanket size at this point so its perfect for being cozy and rewatching some of my favorite shows. The color names are what I love most about this yarn, clover, old rose, thistledown, sand... they evoke such dreamy images of what I can only imagine Scotland looks like since I've never been. one day! 


  1. It's lovely. I love all the pinks too. What are your favorite shows you'd watch again?

    1. thank you. I love re-watching lark rise to Candleford, little house on the prairie.. love cute shows!

  2. Your blanket is so pretty! I really need to learn to crochet:)

  3. Hello I recently found your podcast and ravelry group .My ravelry name is littleredrobbin .I love this blanket using Jamieson shetland wool .Do you remember how many grams or number of balls of yarn you used please .


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