casting off and new yarn

There is a very cool breeze coming through my window, smells like there could be rain. On my walks in the neighbourhood I feel a slight change in the air.. other than my allergies telling me it does slightly feel like spring is in the air.
Some of my grass is coming back green and I see pansies in the gardens everywhere. I have some seeds on order and I'm fixing my backyard. Can't wait to really get started! I've even spotted some wildflowers growing along the road..
In the meantime, I'm still knitting and recently just got my sewing mojo back since my sewing machine was on the fritz... I have some lovely fabrics on the way from a new favorite DailyLike, some sevenberry fat eights from SewStitichingHappy and my other favorite Duckdilly, my go to for liberty other than buying on etsy! They are reasonable and ship fairly fast. I have some projects in mind. Like this and this. Cute things to hang on my wall. We'll see what I get to first since my sewing always competes with embroidery and my first love that is knitting.
I just finished casting off over 500 stitches on a shawl that was a test knit which I can't share just yet but here's a sneek peak. Originally I had a different yarn in mind but after knitting a quarter of the shawl I knew that it wasn't working and giving me the texture I wanted so I went through my stash picked out some pinks and just went with it. So far so good and very pink!
I just need to add fringe.

I have some yarn love to share. I recently was super excited to try out Barret Wool Co. A new yarn line by the amazing Susan B Anderson. I ordered some of the woolen spun limited edition yarn.
Woolen spun has such a special place in my yarn loving heart. I can't explain how much a I love the feel of woolen spun. I am such a fan of Elsa Wool woolen spun and I really enjoy knitting with Brooklyn Tweed so I had to order some of this. Not sure what I will make but for now I'm enjoying them sitting on my desk and every once in awhile just giving them a squish. 
The colors are Birch and Bayleaf.

Also new to me is Brim Collection. The colors are beautiful, their instgram is inspiring and colorful. I ordered the Earl Grey colorway, how could I not! 460 yards of a lovely grey!
In other adventures my mister and I went to Canton Trade days this past weekend. A giant flea market  with amazing totally bad for you food. Its about an hours drive but most of it is country driving. We walked around for a quite awhile and I snagged some lovely books, handmade soap. Next time I go I'll bring more money to spend but that could be dangerous!
I love these tiny books, I love the illustrations! 
I am also reading Larkrise to Candleford. I really enjoy the tv series so much I thought it was about time to read the book. I am enjoying it immensely especially the little illustrations throughout. Its the trilogy in one that I got from Barnes & Nobles. So its quite big. Its not the only book I am reading at the moment so I only read a chapter here and there mostly in the evening before bed. I will probably re-watch the show after. 


  1. That new yarn looks yummy! Lovely photos!

  2. i always love love love everything you make and your beautiful photos. thanks for sharing lovely yarn goodness!

  3. I can just smell the flowers you are describing.

    Just today I went back into your archives and was enjoying all your lovely photos. I'm glad you share all the different crafts you have gotten into. I've just started my embroidery journey and love seeing your delicate work. I especially like your embroidered bees from about this time last year.

  4. It was great to catch up with you! I love the pinks in your shawl! I need to pull out my Lark Rise to Candleford book and reread it ! I have been thinking about you as I plan out our wildflower study for our nature study this spring! I am hoping to stitch a sampler of the flowers that we find and study.
    I hope that you have a lovely weekend!
    Love, Heather P.
    aka sweetpickle02 on Instagram

  5. oh wow, I wish we had anything beginning to grow, but it will be a couple more months yet around here. Love the look of that yarn, the colour is beautiful and it looks so soft.

  6. We had a small thaw, but it's below freezing again. I can't wait until spring. This winter has been particularly miserable.

    I loved the TV series of Larkrise to Candleford! Once I got the book collection from the library, but never did read it. I'll have to do that soon.

  7. Lark Rise to Candleford is one of my very favourite books and has been since I was a teenager. I'm coincidentally reading a biography about Flora Thompson from the library now. Only just started its though. I thought the tv version was horribly bad though and nothing like the books. I also have those little flower and bird books which I have as keepsakes for an elderly lady who used to own them. They are lovely aren't they?

    I do love your instagram feed - so beautiful. All the things you make are just really lovely and so nicely photographed.


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