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is it fall yet? what happened to the cooler weather and where did it go? I need to know!
This time last year it was much cooler and raining buckets. Yesterday we actually had to put the air conditioning back on, yeesh! I still feel the cool crispness in the early hours of the morning. I'm an early riser. Its my favorite time of the day to read scriptures, sip my coffee and just enjoy the quiet. We get the most amazing view of the sunrise where we live and its such a great way to start the day. 
I find myself reaching for my books more lately rather than any knitting or other crafty pursuits.. maybe I'm a bit burnt out. I don't know. Instagram has me tired lately. With so much turmoil and political division, I feel the need to step back and just ignore social media, just for a little bit. The tv isn't on much or at all when I'm at home and right now I'm enjoying this book. Mary Oliver is a beautiful writer, some of my favorite poems are hers. I also recently finished this book which brought me to this book. Some really though provoking material and not always easy to read. On a lighter note, I was excited to receive the second issue of Making. Its such a beautiful knitting magazine. The photography is so breathtaking. I've already ordered fabric to sew the tote bag by Noodlehead.
While I don't have much in knitting to show for,  I do have a bit to share with sewing. I recently got together with Sarah of Blue Highway Hand Dyes for a little kit that I offered in my etsy shop. They're all sold now but I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes. Sarah dyed up some yarn using Goldenrod. The yarn is lovely too, its this beautiful, bright yellow and the wool is locally sourced. Merino and Mohair, such a nice combo! I embroidered some linen with little goldenrod flowers and sewed the pieces into bags to go along with the yarn. Hopefully we get a chance to work together again. 
Goldenrod is so pretty. It seems to grow quite wild out this way. Highways lined with it. Fields covered in it. Its gone now though, I think it stuck around for a bit longer than normal because of the warmer autumn here. I could be wrong but thats my guess. There are no more wildflowers here now. 



  1. The bags and yarn pair beautifully. What bliss! I agree with you. How can Thanksgiving be right around the corner? It's been so unusually warm. I just love everything you post. Thanks for such a beautiful blog. I find a moment of peace with every visit.

  2. that book, I loved it!! Mary Oliver's essays are so good. And the yarn is gorgeous, what a perfect compliment to such a pretty project bag.

  3. Beautiful work, as always. I agree with you on the social media. Some of the text does not go with the pretty pictures on some threads I've followed; and the uncharacteristic weather has lent to the weird vibes (in my opinion.) I was very thankful for our first, quiet snow last week.

  4. Hi Olivia - please contact me asap - I've been trying to reach you regarding the Sock Ruler and my messages to you keep bouncing. I'm at:
    Thanks, and best regards,


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