moving, small towns and happy mail

that's it, all done! We are all moved in. I feel such a sense of relief and happiness, no more stress. Pack, pack pack, unpack, unpack, unpack. We have done this 5 times in the last 6 years.. this is the last for a very long time. I hope!  The whole thing came together unexpectedly. We were just looking, getting an idea of where we felt like we could belong and plant roots. We happened upon a cute town, I fell in love with all the gingerbread house lined streets. The town is called the gingerbread city of Texas. Everyone is friendly, that is small town living. The great thing is, it is still not that far away from the city. Sorry, but I do need Trader Joes in somewhat of a small driving distance lol! I'm not a true country girl, too many bugs but I do love it here and I'm so glad things worked out.
The day we got our keys, my husband wanted to carry me over the threshold. Silly! He did and we set off the alarm. We didn't know the code! We make a grand entrance. 
The dogs love running around the backyard and I have many plans for it too. So many... beginning with trying to grow my own veggies. We'll see how that adventure goes or if it even does. 
For now though, the main thing was getting my crafty things all situated. Priorities! I actually have my own dedicated office/craft room. I set up a cozy little corner with some of my favorite things, a vintage chair, my wall decor, a vintage cabinet to show off my yarn. Believe me when I say our little apartment was full to bursting!

My first mail happened to be some crafty things. I swear this stuff follows me everywhere I go. I ordered this awesome little crewel embroidery kit. Can't wait to stitch it up. If the weather ever gets cooler here and we can have a fire going, this will be perfect to stitch with a hot cup of cocoa. I just loooove the mice on the table! 

Since I'm writing about stitchy things, a little while ago Claire of the NH Knits podcast and proprietress of the woolly thistle online shop, asked if I would collaborate with her on some one of a kind knitting project bags. I said sure! She recently had them up for sale in her shop and it made me really happy so them sale. There's always this fear that noone else will like what I make! Seriously, putting yourself out there is super scary and literally makes me go into hives! Here are some photos I took of the finished bags.

Awhile back I was gifted some really lovely naturally dyed yarn, dyed with walnuts I believe and I was saving it for a special project. It paired up perfectly with some handspun from my stash. I don't spin but I do buy it on etsy from time to time. I knew what it wanted to be and I had to knit up something for a lovely lady that I really admire. For her new little one who isn't so new anymore but is just growing up to be as pretty as her sisters. I don't have a finished pic because I forgot to take one but here's the progress pic. The pattern is by Hannah Fettig. Just like all of Hannah's patterns, very well written and super easy!
Also if any of you don't follow me on Instagram, please check out my lastest post for a yarn giveaway. I want to start doing that more often on Fridays. 


  1. congrats on the move, hooray!! That crewel kit is lovely and will be a nice project that will feel like the first official home craft project. I adore embroidery, and your embroidered project bags are stunning! It is always hard to put yourself out there, but I seem to recall some famous quote that is roughly along the lines of 'success is always outside of your comfort zone.'

  2. I remember the joy of moving from New York City to the country side of Pennsylvania. The best thing we ever did. Many blessings to you, enjoy your new life!

  3. Beautiful office corner, lovely stitched bags, adorable sweater! I know what you mean about putting yourself out there; I find it nerve-wracking to publish my own patterns. I think my first garden consisted of herbs and a zucchini plant. If you find one thing you love to eat, it's so fun to watch it grow, and then you have a little confidence and a new addiction :) Congrats on the new house, how wonderful to find a home/town that speaks to you.

  4. Congratulations! Moving can definitely be very stressful, but it also gives you a boost of energy - new place, new beginnings, new plans... Your craft space is so inspiring!!! Wish you and your family very happy times in your new home!

  5. I'm sure you will find lots of inspiration in your office/ yarn palace. I love the cabinet you have for it!

  6. Try not to worry about whether people will like your things or not. Ad how could they not in any case? I know it is hard though and I am glad you choose to share with us anyway. Art though, is primarily for the maker. If you find what you do nice to do and pleasing to look upon, that really is what it is all about. Your things are really beautiful though by any comparisons or standards so please be assured that people will absolutely love what you make - and do!


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