Larch Shawl and Mountain Meadow Wool review

My Larch shawlette is fresh off the blocking mats and I'm in love! Its a simple sweet shawl that literally took no time to knit especially when I got to the lace portion of the shawlette. 
Mostly the joy of knitting this shawl was due to the wool I used. 
Mountain Meadow Wool Dubois fingering in the natural cream color.
I first received this yarn a couple months ago to review and I have to admit I hoarded it for awhile.
This yarn is pretty special for a few reasons. One it is American made. The label says so and you can learn the story behind the wonderful women behind Mountain Meadow Wool here and here.
It feels like in the past few years, knitters all over the world have shown more interest in where the wool comes from and hows its made. I am one of them. 
There is something about knitting with yarn where you know exactly where its from and how its processed and being able to support locally made and spun wool.
My first thought when I first touched this yarn was its springy. Its very springy yet soft. Not super soft not like cashmere but just from first look it seemed like it would be more rustic feeling. Especially given that I could see flecks of veg matter sprinkled throughout when I first unwound it. I don't know why but I love that! I find it endearing.
As I started to knit with the yarn I enjoyed the wool more and more. There were bits of veg matter, thick and thin spots but that doesn't bother me. It felt a bit like handspun and since I don't spin I quite liked that. I know not all would appreciate those thick/thin bits as much as I do but after blocking my shawl its not noticeable and it didn't seem to make a difference in the overall look of the shawl. In fact after blocking the shawl kept its shape, I was half expecting the shawl to shrink a bit but shrink it did not and the little scallops at the bottom of the shawl really held their shape well. Pleasantly surprised. After using some wool wash the yarn itself really softened up quite a bit more and its not at all scratchy against my skin. 
While I think this shawl pattern was perfect for this yarn, I probably wouldn't have used it for more complicated lace. It would definitely be great for cables and the wool is definitely soft enough for mittens or a hat. I'm saving my other skein for the fall when the weather gets cool again around here,
I really enjoyed knitting this shawl in this wool and I wholeheartedly recommend giving this yarn company a try.

The yarn was sent for review and I want to thank MMW & stitchcraft marketing for sending it. The oppinion is all my own. 


  1. So lovely! The green shade is so beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous shawlette! I love mountain meadow wool! I've used the worsted weight for several pairs of mittens and I have some sport-weight in my stash that I've been hoarding. I meant it to be socks. I love how squishy it is, and I think the natural grey is particularly gorgeous--it almost seems brownish in some lights.

  3. ooh, that yarn looks so great! I know what you mean about the kind of softness that sort of wool has, I find it knits up really well and they don't pill as quickly, which is nice.


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