socks & mini hoop embroidery giveaway

I finished a pair of socks, Yay! Project details here.
Its for my "boxosox" kal that is going on in the Yarngasm Ravelry Group. All the details here..
If you don't watch the Yarngasm podcast, you should be!

Its one of the few podcasts that I watch and I love Kristin's personality.. 
When she first came up with the idea for the KAL, I thought to myself
this is just the kick in the pants I needed to knit up all those socks I want to!
 In my head I am an amazing sock knitter, it doesn not translate well into real life and I realized it is because I get very bored easily when there is no challenge. 
Yes its nice to see how the yarn knits up all pretty but I needed something more than that. 
Which is why I love to knit shawls so much! They can be complicated, all types of shapes, require a little brain power and use up most of the yarn. 
I am VERY much a process knitter if you didn't already know :)
I decided that life is too short just to knit plain vanilla socks so every pair that I will knit will be patterned. My goal is to knit 12 pairs. If I surpass that great but at the very least 12. I think that is a good even number, not so many that I can't achieve that goal.
In my knitting pattern library I have these two books which I will finally use
 the first is Knit. Sock. Love by Cookie A. and the second is Coop Knits by Rachel Coopey. 
Both really great books with amazing patterns and I feel really excited to get going on some of these patterns!
I got some happy mail this past week since I have been really good about using yarn from stash in some of my recent projects, I allowed myself a few woolly treats..
in Lichen & Wildflowers (all the hearts for these colors)!!
It actually was really hard to choose, so many pretty colorways!! 

In embroidery news I have something really fun to share. As many of you know from visiting my blog I love crafty things especially embroidery.. 
I came across this lovely shop called Shop Stitch Craft.
Its really great not just embroidery notions but beautiful fabric, stationary items even knitting needles that are super cool!
I received the tiniest little embroidery hoops and the little kits even come with a necklace so you can wear your embroidered hoop around your neck.
I decided to do a little brooch and embroider a little sock and yarn ball!
Its on my Adelaide Cottage project bag.
I love how it turned out.  Super cute!
Now for the fun stuff..
I am giving away two Miniature Embroidery Hoop Packs and along with the pack I will send you the little things you need to do finish a hoop yourself.
This is a great way to learn a new craft if you have never embroidered before and its really fun!!
All you have to do is enter down below with your either your
email or your ravelry ID so I can get in touch with you if you win 
and if you can please stop by Shop Stitch Craft to show some love that would be amazing!

disclaimer: All thoughts & oppinions are my own, this is not a sponsored post. 


  1. What a lovely idea! I'm just now starting to try embroidery - I'd love to try a mini-hoop! And your Lichen and Lace yarns are simply gorgeous!
    sassykrafty on Ravelry

  2. These kits are so charming! I would love to try embroidery with one! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    Julie - busysupervising on Ravelry

  3. Love this!!!!! I will definitely be checking out this shop!!!!

  4. Also learning how to embroider and I am loving it!
    What a cute kit.
    barbarjones on ravelry

  5. I love this, so sweet.
    Concerning the socks I feel even more boring now, knitting for the manly feet in my family who just want them plain...
    Thank you!

    ravelry: Rucksack

  6. So cute! Thanks for sharing the podcast - will check it out. My Ravelry name is frenchgrenouille

  7. These are adorable! Always inspired by your work! Thanks for sharing this shop!

    ravelry: juliegt

  8. I love this! Ravelry: DMAndrews5

  9. What a great idea. Would love to give it a try.
    KatKnapz on Ravelry.

  10. Adorable! Been wanting to try embroidery! afkeyes on Ravelry

  11. Love your post. Mini embroidery so cute!

  12. I LOVE miniature things and embroidery! What an exciting giveaway! Rav and Instagram ID: adelaidecottage

  13. How wonderful.
    So cute

  14. I was just thinking today I want to learn how to embroider so I can make my granddaughter some pillowcases....perfect!!
    Rav ID: annapatricia

  15. Such a lovely post, lovely pincers and lovely giveaway. Feeling very inspired from your blog and Instagram feed - happy crafting :) (email:

  16. Love that little sock - and love wooden embroidery hoops!

  17. Congratulations on your socks! Patterned socks are definitely more fun.
    Thank you for introducing me to Stitch Craft! Embroidery is something I've always been interested in but never knew where to begin, and that site/shop looks like a wonderful place to begin. :)

  18. Checking out Shop Stitch Craft now! Sounds lovely. I too have been knitting socks lately, but wanting to venture out from plain vanilla. I'm also exploring new toes and heels just to change it up.

    rav ID: laurabeth326

  19. Your sweet brooch is adorable...a perfect accompaniment for all of those gorgeous socks that will fill your sock box. Also thank you for all of your bank account may not appreciate the loveliness, but I do! ;-)

  20. That sounds and looks all lovely. I tink I need a KAL as well to finish all things lying around.

  21. oh my gosh, your embroidery!! it's so beautiful, and I love the small details. And that lichen and lace yarn... swoon.

  22. Can there be anything more perfect than these wee hoops?!? They are adorable! (I'm Tempestknits over at Ravelry, btw)! I'm just addicted to your blog and much beauty!

  23. Can there be anything more perfect than these wee hoops?!? They are adorable! (I'm Tempestknits over at Ravelry, btw)! I'm just addicted to your blog and much beauty!

  24. wonder project. It is seeming very enjoyable. I will definitely try it and then tell you my experience about it.


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