sock knitting & new yarn

I cast on for a pair of socks this past week.
I treated myself to some new yarn and one of them had to be a pair of socks right away.
Its a new to me indie dyer called Druzy Rising.
The color is called Phlox.
The colors just really stood out to me. Really pretty, they remind me of spring in texas with
fields and roadsides full of wildflowers. Something I'm just really looking forward too!
I prefer to knit my socks cuff down and I like to switch up the ribbing. 
I like interesting cuffs but my preferred cast on method has always been 
the old norwegian cast on. It's elastic enough for a cuff and easy. 
Whenever I knit in the round, this little tip is a great tip I discovered quite awhile ago. I do it every time I knit in the round now for both hats and socks. 
If I happen to knit toe ups I always use ez's sewn bind off
I may have also bought some really great yarn from Sweet Fiber
Its woolly and rustic, very rustic! Its called Canadian, which I love. The color is called Breakwater. A little out of my comfort zone and such a pretty blue. 
I want to use it to cast on this shawl. It will be big and cozy. I can't wait but first I have some deadline knitting I'm trying to get out of the way before I do anything else. 
Have any of you recently discovered new yarns? I always love trying new yarns!
I want to thank all of you for entering my little giveaway last weekend. 
I've already contacted the winner and its Julie. She's also Lighthearted on Ravelry. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week!!


  1. All good stuff. Such lovely yarn, socks, and photos! Knit away, dear one!

  2. I'm currently working my way through different cast-ons, cast-offs, toes, heels and toe vs cuff starts to find my just right version. I'm having a lot of fun doing it too. A new dyer/yarn to me is The Yarn At Home Mom on etsy. Great colors, soft and so squishable!

  3. beautiful photos, and the new yarns are stunning. Love that the rustic one is described as 'Canadian'.

  4. I love the pattern ~ what is the name of your book that it's in? Thank you ☺️


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