its a new year, looking forward..

Happy New Year to you all!
I truly hope you all had a wonderfu new years! 
I did. It was spent with my husband relaxing by the warm fire, candle light, listening to music and we rang in the new year with doggy cuddles and sparkling bubbly, then we went to bed! Our kind of night! 
New years day hiking has been our tradition since we have been married and we did it again, a long and winding country drive to the east of the city and we made it to some lovely woods.
Looking forward to 2016, not really a fresh start more a continuation of lovely beginnings. 
Beginnings of new things...
2015 was a great year, moving back to Texas was the biggest thing that happened for us, not all of it as smooth as it could have been but thats life!

My Pioneer Girl shawl is the last knitted wooly goodness that I finished for 2015. It's lovely and big and warm and wraps around me a few times, I just love it!

Happy mail this past week included some lovely yarn from Carol of Sunday Knits. The colorway is called Mist. Christmas money well spent but at least I didn't spend it all on yarn. I have some good books on their way in the post too.
I hope to challenge myself in this new year. I have a few goals, I thought I would share them with you..
1. Knit from stash, not because I'm on a buying hiatus but because I have accumulated some really lovely and beautiful yarn over the past year and I don't want these yarns to just sit around collecting dust.
Yes they look so pretty on my shelf but they would look prettier knit up. 
2. Challenge my knitting. I feel like I have some good skills as a knitter, I want to kick them up a notch. A large shetland lace shawl and a pi shawl for starters. 
3. I've been reading a lot in 2015 and I want to keep that going.
4. I've been doing some embroidery and I also want to pick up some of old cross stitch projects and finish them up so they can get framed. I have some pretty big pieces that are languishing in a storage box. 
5. Of course, blog more. I wanted to do that last new year and the tail end of the year I was a bit more regular but I found myself so busy that I neglected this blog quite a bit earlier on, I don't want to do that this year.
6. Finish my sock yarn/cozy memories blanket and start a crochet blanket next.
Nothing so hard that I can't keep up with, I hope that I can surpass these expectations. We'll revisit this later throughout the year to see how I am doing. 
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wonderful way to approach a new year, continuing with all the wonderful things. I like that!
    The hike sounds like a wonderful tradition, plus it satisfies my constant need to gaze upon your beautiful nature pics.
    Happy New Year love.

  2. I love the reasoning behind your knitting from stash! It makes it so positive. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Beautiful shawl. And some great goals too for 2016, I look forward to seeing some of your finished projects.
    Happy New Year
    Caz xx

  4. Post more - I look forward to your beautiful photography and creations. Happy New Year!

  5. Your new years eve sounds absolutely perfect, and your goals are great- I'm interested to see your creative projects in the year ahead! That Pioneer girl shawl is already kicking of 2016 perfectly, it looks so warm and pretty.

  6. Thanks for all the encouraging ideas.


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