Jane Austen & knitting

My favorite author has turned 240 years old today.. 
I wonder how Jane Austen would react today if she knew what an impact her words have made to us fans of her books. 
Persuasion is my personal favorite but right now I'm enjoying Pride & Prejudice with Rosamund Pike narrating. Its lovely! I'm listening to it slowly so I can enjoy it, little bits everyday. 

This past week I've received some happy mail.
A really pretty skein of Viola Yarn. I've been a fan of her yarn for awhile, but had yet to try it. 
I purchased this gorgeous color, called Eclipse. Its hard to describe, sage & honey with ever so faint speckles of brown and gold and its very shiny. Check out her blog too, the photos she takes are beautiful!
I'll save it for something special I think, so for now I'll just admire it as its sits on my shelf.

I also received an order of one my favorite yarns, De Rerum Natura Ulysse. A really nice wooly and spongy french merino sport weight. I want to do a shawl and I have some patterns in my library that I have yet to knit up but I till have to narrow it down further. 
The color is called Sel and its a soft natural cream. 

At the moment I don't have too much on the needles other than finishing some wips that I just didn't feel like working on.
I wanted to do some plain potato chip knitting, so I cast on for a sockhead hat in some really amazing handspun yarn that was gifted to me earlier this year by a knitterly friend! 
I don't spin and maybe one day I will as I enjoy knitting with handspun so much.
 I really like the look of this, so many colors. The label said 2ply but since I don't know much about spinning I can't say how it was plied. I love it!!
Its knitting up so beautifully and I can't wait to wear it when its done. 

Speaking of stash enhancements, I had a bit of reorganizing and I'm pretty sure that 2016 will be a year that I try really hard to just knit from stash. I'm going to try! My stash is starting to overflow into my knicker drawer, I'm running out of room! If that isn't a sign to slow it down a bit I don't know what is...

In other news, I'm knitting up some mittens with some really amazing yarn that was sent to me to review and
I'll be having a little giveaway at the end of week so check back later to win!!!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! -- When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” 

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  1. Gosh that yarn is beautiful, I love Jane Austen too!

  2. The hat is looking great so far. I love the yarn colors, all very beautiful. You're lucky you are able to test knit with it!

  3. Seeing your handspun hat makes me really miss spinning. I have a wheel, but until recently, I didn't live in a space big enough to do any spinning. I hope that I can remedy that in the new year.

  4. That yarn is stunning! I LOVE IT! Your projects are beautiful.

  5. Your yarns are beautiful. Such pretty pictures.

  6. I love multi coloured yarn and I love Jane Austen, perfect all round! :)

  7. That handspun is beautiful and how keen are you to pick the perfect pattern to show it off. Excellent reading/listening choice. Oooh, that yummy basket makes my heart patter!

  8. What a lovely dilemma to have such beautiful yarn overflowing! I'm glad to learn of a good Jane Austen narrator. I'm picky and it takes me forever to find the right voice!

  9. ooh, handspun! I love knitting with handspun, but I'm not a spinner. It always looks like the most delicious yarn, soft and sort of candy-like!

  10. Such a lovely post today! Lovely yarn and that handspun is gorgeous!

  11. Oh, your yarn collection is just a dream! And your photos always make me reach fro my needles or a crochet hook!

  12. Oh my goodness, such beautiful yarns. Love the bag of yarns. Umm, I must admit that I need to reduce my stash next year!
    Caz xx

  13. Love that hand spun! I made a big effort to knit from stash this year and did pretty well. It has changed the way I look at my stash, and I have enjoyed it!

  14. jane austen is my favorite, too. I bought that same audio book! pretty handspun--I bought a lendrum and learned to spin on it this year. I love spinning as much as knitting now!


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