Summertide and the living is easy

Finally, it is off my needles. Summertide Shawl has almost been 2 months in the making.
I initially wanted to finish this along with everyone else who knitted this during the mystery kal but along the way we found out we were moving.
Although we don't have much in terms of a household, it is still a lot of work especially when you find out you are moving back to Texas from California. 
5 1/2 years ago we moved to California from Texas. 
This time we have made our new home in Dallas. 
We are all moved in and mostly settled. Only a couple of boxes left, Miss Sydney and Miss Sammy have found their favorite spots in the living room, so its starting to feel like a cozy home.
Unfortunately while driving here,
 I was bit by some crazy mean zombie ants and had a really bad reaction.
My arm was so swollen and just so incredibly itchy.... Its mostly better now, the skin is still a tad itchy but I apply calendula, coconut oil and vitamin E oil daily. I will have scars on my arm although they are minimal considering it looked like it was a really bad burn.
 C'est la vie!
I couldn't knit for awhile there, but back to knitting over the past weekend. 
To be honest, I feel that I was more annoyed that I could not knit or do anything crafty than the fact that I was bit. Haha.. hmm!
 I was able to finish the last few rows on my shawl and I absolutely love how it turned out! 
My ravelry project page is here
Have you watched any good movies lately? I watched this movie called, The Lunchbox while I was knitting. I loved it. Definitely recommend. I also recommend watching this documentary, India's Daughter. Not for the faint of heart and it is heartbreaking at times but worth watching. 
Today the christmas music is on loud, She & Him is one of my favorite christmas albums also The Hotel Cafe, Winter Songs is a good one. 
My parents are coming for a visit this week. It will be their first american thanksgiving and their second time to Texas since I moved from Canada. It will be fun,
my husband's family are loud and crazy, fun and there's a lot of them.
I've received some bits of happy mail recently, it seemed only fitting that the first package I received at my new place was yarn!
Just before I moved though I found out I won a prize in the Knitbot Kal and of course I bought more yarn along with some of the new pink & green colors from Quince & Co called Sage & Shell.
 Just love!!
Also some really pretty yarn from one of my favorite yarn dyers, Lakes Yarn, the color is called Framboise. 
I have so many patterns I want to knit up, just a few in my queue are Celes, Henslowe, Autumn Leaf and not to mention some more cozy socks. I am almost done with my Woodland Tales mittens, while the actual pattern is done, I am knitting a lining for them so its just a matter of finishing that.
The last few mornings have been really cold here compared to where I was living before which makes me want to pull out all my knits and wear them and also makes me want to knit all of the socks I can.
First things first, finish all my WIPS and drink some hot chocolate.
Have a great day! 


  1. 1. Shawl is gorgeous!!!?
    2. Any attack? What in the heck?
    3. Quince yarn envy

  2. Your Summertide is just beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous shawl and I think I have a little Quince envy too :)


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