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I thought today I would share with you some of my favorite knitting tools.
I don't buy a lot of notions. I'm quite purposeful when I purchase these little items as it is quite easy to go overboard. Over the years I've realized that I do not like fancy stitch markers. I like simple. Keep it simple but pretty. After all I do like pretty things. 
I was gifted these stitch markers in a swap, and they are my favorite. You can find them in this shop called Fripperies & Bibelots

I also purchased these Merchant & Mills Bulb Pins at Stitches West last year. They're not specifically made for being stitch markers, but they are great for keeping track of rows, especially when you're doing increases on sleeves or socks. 
More recently I ordered this wonderful wool soap and gauge ruler. Love them both, the scent of the wool soap is very soft and subtle. 
I love lace knitting and if I print out a pattern for a project it gets covered in notes, highlighted bits to help with keeping track of repeats but one of my favorite things is highlighter tape. Really helps with keeping track of rows especially when I have to put my knitting down and it might be awhile before I get back to it. Washi tape works wonderful too but the only difference is the highlighter tape really gets a lot of life, you can peel it a million times and still sticks to the paper. Washi tape not so much but it sure is pretty.  
I love tea. If this isn't your first time visiting my blog or my instagram feed, then this is not news. So its no surprise when I came across a stitch marker set by Vintage Rose that I had to buy it. Very cute but I don't use them when I knit with fine yarn, tends to snag the yarn but otherwise they are lovely, well all of her sets are lovely!
When I block my finished knits I really love T-pins and blocking wires. Blocking wires really do work wonders, if you have not tried them the kit from knit picks is a great starting point and I've been pretty happy with mine but order extra T-pins. You really can never have enough of those. 
Mine are in action below. Right now I use blocking mats, they are ok but in the future I would love to buy this or this.
If you have any tips, tricks or favorite notions, please share! I always love to hear what other knitters like!
In other knitting news, I am in WIP it down mode. I've been finishing some of my languishing projects. My cable cowl called Vanderbilt is done. Its wet and blocking, once its dry I just have to graft the two ends. As you can see in one of the photos I am using blocking wires and many pins.
The yarn is Miss Babs Keira. Really great heavy fingering, its like a light sport weight and really great stitch definition hence the cable cowl. I'll definitely purchase again plus its got great yardage, 560 yards! 
Another WIP that is seeing some love is my Wapiti, which I am knitting up in Malabrigo Merino Worsted. Not too much to go...
As for what book is on the go, I just finished listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I had never read any of the books, I've only seen the movies. Oh yes, I am one of those people... 
Audible just released the books so I used one of my credits. I really enjoyed it. Not sure I will purchase the rest but I'm pretty happy that I gave the first one a listen too. The narrator was really great and I love that when they are that good you forget you are even listening to an audiobook but thats also because the writing is just great! 
 Tomorrow is thanksgiving in America. For those of you partaking in this turkey filled holiday, I hope its wonderful and I just want to say I am thankful for all you knitterly friends!

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  1. The yarn for your wapiti is just divine...the texture...love! thanks for the tips on knitting notions. I really need to start blocking my projects. I'm still fairly new to knitting so this was very helpful! lovely pictures. have a great week

  2. I love the scissors!

  3. Great informative post, not to mention your beautiful knits!

  4. I always love seeing what other people enjoy using, and your knits are lovely! that beautiful heathered lilac cabled dream is going to be amazing.

  5. I need more bits and bobs!

    Lovely photos dear. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Off I go to bake pies.

  6. Oh all these lovely tools! The scissors are beautiful and that yarn for the wapiti - sooooo lovely!

  7. I love those scissors, so pretty. I keep meaning to buy some blocking pins - I've been using dressmaking pins but seem to keep running out and having to space them further apart than I'd like!

  8. Adore those stitchmarkers! I too find that they I tend to prefer simple ones over fanciful.
    I am all about the highlighter tape, It has saved me numerous time with keeping row count.
    Beautiful knitting as always!


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