cozy knits and hints of winter

Its been silent here for awhile. I've been here, quietly knitting and embroidering away. 
Can you believe its October already.. I had my first pumpkin spice latte to welcome the new month. 
The days are slightly shorter and now the breeze is slightly cooler in the evening.
I long for crisp cooler weather and changing leaves...
When the weather finally turns in favor of the autumn loving souls, I have a few warm knits that I've finished in the past couple months, that will keep me cozy.
I couldn't resist trying out a new yarn by Miss Babs called Killington.
I chose a simple pattern and cast on. 
This was the result, drapey, lovely and huge. I can wrap myself around with this shawl and curl up to read a book. My favorite kind of day, all day. 
If you're looking for something new to read, I've finished reading these books here, here, and highly recommend this book here.

Not quit as big but just squishy and warm is this shawl, more of a shawlette. Great for walks in the neighbourhood with my dogs in the evenings. I really love Cormo wool. Its really an amazing yarn. 

I also test knit the Meristem mittens quite awhile back and I turned them into fingerless mittens. I love how they turned out. The stitch pattern is really pretty!

Lately though, I have not only had yarn on my needles. I've been doing a lot of embroidery & cross stitching as well. It's been so amazing that through instagram I have been able to share these with whom I consider to be far away friends. I started working on some winter inspired hoops and hope to sell these to you. 
It feels a little to soon to post about these on instagram but thought I would share some of my works in progress. If anyone of you is interested please feel free to get in touch. 
These would look lovely on your wall for the holidays and I'll be working up a few in smaller sizes that would be great as ornaments or even gifts. 

But enough about winter, there's still plenty of time for that.. 
future knitting plans include knitting a pair of socks with one of my favorite yarns, in the color kelp, finishing some custom embroideries and I am absolutely excited because my brother is coming to visit me in about a week!  


  1. Your work is always so inspiring!

  2. How I missed your blog posts. I know that it is easier to post in Instagram, but you have such a lovely way of writing that I miss it when you don't. :)
    In usual Olive-style...everything on and off you needles is beautiful. Your stitching is amazing!
    Thank you for the book recommendations. I will be adding those to my list.

  3. your new shawls are gorgeous, and I adore the snowflake cross stitch! Hard to believe winter is on the horizon, but of course, it always comes back around. :)

  4. wow - love your knitting and wool choices. The cross stitch is divine too - are these patterns on-line?

  5. I so enjoy reading your blog posts. Your work is very inspiring.

  6. I'm In love with every single project, amazingly beautiful!

  7. Gosh, some sunning knitting and cross stitching.
    Caz xx

  8. all of your knitting is lovely but I am amazed at the fantastic cross stitching -- how beautiful!

  9. lovely!!!!! i've just dragged out some lingering embroidery, too....why do I always feel like i'm 'cheating' on my knitting when I embroider??? :)

  10. lovely!!!!! i've just dragged out some lingering embroidery, too....why do I always feel like i'm 'cheating' on my knitting when I embroider??? :)

  11. lovely beautiful and I want every single project that you are doing :) Quince is one of my favorite yarns to knit with and the stitching is perfection.


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