cornbread and new yarn.

In the oven. cast iron skillet corn bread. Tis the season for warm stews and chilis! If there is one thing that makes autumn is all the apples, pumpkins and spicy scents that go along with the season.
I just re-seasoned my cast iron pan and decided I needed to bake something yummy. 
For you bakers out there, what are your favorite cast iron recipes?
What else do you like to bake/cook during the autumn season beside pumpkin recipes? 
I would love to try out something new.

On the needles. I pulled out my cozy memories blanket, I have swapped with some really lovely knitters and its been really great discovering new to me yarns. I received a few
stellina yarns and I never thought I would like it as much but I do. I have never purchased a yarn with stellina but I gave in and I purchased this yarn and can't wait to get that in the mail.
Its like a sparkly winters night, when all is quiet and reminds me of my childhood when I would watch the snow falling out my window during christmas break. 
My summertide shawl is coming along.. I had a small freakout last weekend because the needles came out and a part of the shawl unravelled, I had to frog back a bit to get back on track. Its ok now and I'm fine, the freakout has subsided. 
Also I cast on these pretty socks in knit picks tweed the color is North Pole Heather. I would love to knit all the patterns in this book. The patterns are customizable and simple yet pretty. For now its the basket rib pattern with a rolled cuff.  I found this book at my LYS Loop 10 book and literally jumped for joy because they never have anything good. The patterns are just WOW and the photography is so pretty! I just love it. I have no idea what I want to start first.
I purchased some new to me yarn, here and started swatching for an upcoming test knit. The yarn is a little crunchy and smells like the spinning oil but after I washed the swatch it soften up a big and it really bloomed.. For those of you who really like wooly wool, then I definitely recommend giving this yarn a try. Perfect for hap type shawl or shetland style patterns.

Reading. This book. Its very interesting, if you are a fan of Call the Midwife and Scotland, its for you. I'm looking for a new audiobook recommendations. I'm racking up my audible credits for a very long road trip coming up. Speaking of road trip...
In other news, we're moving. My husband and I are going back to Texas. This time we are moving to Dallas before the end of the year.. We'll be driving from LA to Dallas, its a very long road trip.
AHH, just thinking about all the packing we have to do is giving me hives!!

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  1. Hi,
    Love cornbread in my Cast Iron pan, tastes so much better than a cake pan. Love your little dolly.
    Have a great day!

  2. just found your's really lovely....I'm down the highway in Orange County...sorry to read you are moving to Texas,,,too few knitters in travels

  3. Wow, that knitting is gorgeous. Is that the summertide shawl in the last picture? It's really beautiful.

  4. I love baking in my cast iron skillet! Lovely wool! Your Summertide looks amazing! Hope the packing and road trip goes smoothly!

  5. I have never eaten cornbread but it looks delicious. You have some super knitting books there - I followed your link to the sock books and oh my goodness, so many great books to choose! Hope your move goes well, the road trip sounds fun!
    Caz xx

  6. goodness, each time I come here, your photos invite me in and make me envious of how comforting your works in progress appear. Lovely, lovely.
    I've found not many people really use their cast iron pans much so it's great to see you making cornbread. I also love making Dutch babies on the weekend. Get your camera ready the moment it comes out of the oven. We like our Dutch babies with a bit of butter and genuine maple syrup. But if I've made lemon curd or have some stewed apples, that's the best!

  7. Ooh, that cornbread looks SO good! And I'm glad you were able to get the shawl back on track after the needle came out, stuff like that is always terrifying. Loving the new yarn! I bet after a good wet blocking it softens.

  8. the shetland yarn looks beautiful as is your knitting. best wishes with your move - we are currently packing up to move 4 1/2 hours away - all 4 goats, 14 chickens and 5 children - so I know it can be stressful - but enjoy the opportunity to organize.


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