its been too long..

Geesh, I had no idea that I had not blogged for so long and here I said one of my resolutions for the year was to blog more, oops! 
Well I've been here and I fully blame Instagram for my lack of activity on my blog. Its just so easy I guess.
Well, anyway, here I am with a little update on some of the things I've been working on and a couple of new to me yarns. 

At this moment I am working on my Cozy Memories blanket, you can find some details here. I am still loving this project, the portability and ease of which one can pick this up after its been a time. I do really enjoy all the different colors although I must say that you can see I really gravitate towards pinks and purples but my favorite are the speckley confetti yarns. I received a very cute sparkly mini and I must admit I have never knit with sparkly yarn and I am afraid I might just have to pick up one of these pretty yarns in the future, it would make a really great pair of fun socks. 
Speaking of nice yarn, I treated myself to some Eden Cottage yarns. I can't say how much I love her yarn and the colors. So beautiful and everything that I love. I couldn't resist 2 skeins of Langdale 4ply in the color most dreamy and soft called Driftwood. Its so beautiful and I want to knit a project that uses every inch of that yarn! 
Two other projects that are on the needles at the moment is test knit for Annie of the byannieclaire blog.  I found this wonderfully lovely soft yarn at my LYS and had to buy it plus one more. The color is called Sakura, the prettiest tonal pink and the second is grey wolf. Knitwit is completely new to me and my LYS just stocked it recently. The skein is plump at 575 yards more than enough for a decent size shawl and its a very nice mcn light fingering blend. 
The second project is called the Melodia shawl, a pretty garter shawl pattern specifically written for using one skein. There are some really simple & pretty patterns by this shawl designer worth taking a look! 

I have another little shawl in progress called the Chale Dune. I was inspired by some of the crochet projects started on a few of my favorite podcasts that I watch. I knew that I didn't want to crochet a blanket, I have a few and since I live in California, its not necessary to crochet another. Besides my cozy memories blanket is all I can handle right now in terms of ongoing projects that never cease to end. I'm using various yarns in from my stash and some bits and pieces leftover from other completed knits. 

I have been working on some other little projects of another type of stitching. I was itching to do some embroidery, spring has been absolutely inspiring to me this year. Everything seemed to bloom all at once and then some. Then the lovely Alicia Paulson released her latest sampler for cross stitch and I had to buy that, its soo cute but I have to be honest it is a little girly. I may change a few of the little motifs because after all its for me and not for a little girls room although thats the inspiration behind the sampler. Its so pretty and dainty and I can't wait to get started on that. I have finished her midsummer sampler and I just need to frame it, I really don't know why sometimes the finishing of things takes longer than the making of things!!! Anyways while I ordered the sampler I also ordered one of her felt ornament kits. The tea kettle was calling my name! Thats it for now but I won't take so long before the next time!


  1. those grey and pink skeins are just too gorgeous <3, and would look amazing together!
    Love all the designers you've mentioned, pretty much all of Studio Kallio's shawls are on my list ;)

  2. hello olivia! your blanket project is so pretty~ i'm working on one as well....i've found it to be a bit very addicting & difficult to put down or to work on anything else :) if you are interested in swapping yarn, send me a email. I would be happy to send you bits of what i have~ your crochet is beautiful, i love the soft colors~ hope you have a great week~

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  4. I love all of the projects that you are working on! I have added a few things to my queue. :-)

    I really like the tea pot and bird. I will have to go check out the kit!

  5. I love all of the projects you have going - everything is so tempting to start myself!! And your yarns! Love!

    Linda in VA

  6. oh my goodness the colours in these images! lol that's all, i just had to say it.


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