oh, those pesky resolutions

At the moment I put down some of my other projects to finish,
knitting on a few bunnies for 3 of my nieces.
Almost done test knitting some fingerless cabled mitts.
Packing up my road trip knitting in my lovely new Jenna Rose bag
that I am so in love with and fits so much!
Last year I remember telling myself I would knit up a pair of socks every month..
only two complete pairs made it.
I do, however have number of half finished pairs of socks...
Instead somehow I ended up knitting 16 scarves, cowls & shawls.
Yes, that's 16! I only actually own about 5 of them, they mostly ended up as gifts.
 I could no sooner choose a favorite. 
I didn't stick to last years resolution so I'm not sure what makes me think I will stick to it in year 2015 but the plan/goal is this will be a year of knitting from my stash and knitting patterns from my library.
I've accumulated quite the stash this past year. 
Yes, this is a tall and a lofty goal considering it seems like everyday there is a new
dyer out there selling beautiful yarn that is hard to resist!!
I also blame instagram. I did find myself on instagram a lot more this year and 
this was a big reason for some of my stash enhancements. I don't think I would ever heard of some of these wooly wonders if it had not been for instagram. All those pictures of beautiful yarn and projects.
Every. Single. Day.
At some point though, I had to tell myself enough is enough.
That point probably came when my husband complained of finding yarn in one of his drawers because I ran out of room in my basket & yarn cupboard. I removed his clothes and took it over..
Priorities, you see! 
What are your stash plans for the new year? I'd like to hear what you do to get your stash under control and in order. I spent yesterday morning tidying up my crafty corner and trying to get some semblance of organization to my little living room.
Its hard though when you find a skein you totally and completely forgot you had
and all you want to do is wind it up and cast on something new!
Its alright though, things are tidy once again. I've put all my skeins in one basket and skeins that were winded into balls into another. I feel somewhat better plus now the yarn is in view and I an admire them from afar. Well, not that afar... just from my favorite spot on the couch. 
What were some of your favorite things you learned this past year?
Mine is german short rows. Why did I not know about these sooner!
Another goal of mine in the coming months is getting my current WIPS off the needles.
I must do this before the pile gets any bigger. At last count I am embarassed to say, was at about 7.
A few are so close to completion. A few are in the beginning stages and there are a couple I am considering frogging because I simply have forgotten where I am at.. not good!
One last goal of mine is to be more present on my blog. I have a few ideas for that.
Thanks for all your lovely comments this past year and I'll be back after the new year. For now I am sharing one of my road trip playlists..  we are off to visit family!!
   friday faves by lovelifeandpictures on Grooveshark


  1. Thankfully I didn't set any "real" goal for 2014. I say despite not knitting your socks goal, you knit many amazing projects!
    Hah, about hubby finding yarn in his drawers. :) I too plan on shopping my stash in 2015. Have a safe trip and happy holidays. Thanks for the playlist, you know how much I love your music choices.

  2. Love those baskets filled with yarn! I taught myself some knitting stitches that I shied away from before. Like purling through the back loop! Still don't like it, but I was tired of not doing a pattern just because it contained that stitch! So now I don't have to! I also taught myself how to knit the second stitch through the back loop and then the first stitch and slide both off. And purl the second stitch and then the first and slide it off. Such simple things - but seemed so complicated. Thank goodness for the videos on the internet!

    Linda in VA

  3. This year was a good year for me craft wise. I started some natural dyeing, spindle spinning, beginner's weaving and I did colour-work in both intarsia and fair isle. My goal to craft solely from stash didn't happen but I'm gamed to start again. At least I can say this year saw a huge decrease in purchases. As a matter of fact, I've already started. I'm in two groups on Ravelry where the main focus is stashing down.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects and photos and I look forward to more in 2015. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your family!

  4. 2014 was my first year knitting so I mostly had fun with it discovering new yarns, techniques… in 2015 I want to focus on knitting the things that I need (like a cardigan) and accept that no I don't need a 15th hat. My stash is still pretty small and my goal for it is to focus on quality and natural fibers, avoiding super wash for instance!
    Hope to see you blogging more, need to work on that too :)


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