I knit up a few hearts. A quick little project, simple and sweet. 
I am using yarn scraps. 
Just a few to add to my christmas tree this year when I put it up.
Is it too early yet? I think not. It will go up this weekend. Not like its much work to do. 
Its only about 3 feet tall. 
I'm plugging away on some of my current wips. I knit a little here and there on each of my projects.
I couldn't resist buying some of this beautiful yarn. I really love an 80/10/10 blend.
Its a beautiful light grey called Sea Salt.  Its a lovely soft color and soft yarn. 
It will be this shawl.
Finished is my Margin shawl. It was a test knit for Karen.
She has some lovely patterns, so I feel lucky to have been able to test knit for her.
Its a very simple pattern with contrasting color. The blue was originally for my color affection shawl, but I frogged it after I decided I didn't like my color choices. 
I'm going to put that pattern on the shelf for now, until I can decide on some colors that I want to knit that much garter with. 
I also finished my second Whispering Pines shawl
Why did I knit a second one, well I really like the first one but my mom liked it as well and she took it back to Canada with her after her visit. 
I really liked using the new fingering yarn by O-wool. 
The color is called Barn Owl. It was perfect for this pattern. 
 I have been listening and reading a lot of poetry in the last couple weeks. 
I have this audiobook in my queue right now, I loved the Robert Burns reading.
You'll recognize most of the voices doing the reading.  Some of my favorite poems in this list.
For those of you who like this sort of thing, check this page out. There are some
really interesting links.


  1. Lovely knitting! beautiful blog! it's my first time visiting and will be saved for future visits :D
    the hearts are adorable! *steals them all!*
    I wish I had enough patience to knit a shawl, I always start and abandon them :(

  2. What a lovely idea to make lots of little hearts from your scraps. I'm sure they will look lovely on your tree this year.

  3. Adorable hearts! I love the shawls!

  4. The little hearts are so pretty. Is there a pattern?

    1. thanks, the pattern is available on Ravelry. Its called Gnome is where the heart is.

  5. Love the shawls and the yarn colors! I'm really into grays right now!! I've seen it mixed with orange - and really like that too!

    Linda in VA

  6. Cozy, lovely pictures. A treat for a knitter's eyes. Thank you for sharing!


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