socks & stash

I got the sock bug again. After I finished my last shawl project and the one I am currently working on, I needed something easier, something that didn't require a lot of thinking.  I picked up some of my sock
wips. I finally finished my handspun socks
The yarn was purchased from spin shoppe
For those who don't spin, every so often this shoppe has an update and you can buy some of the handspun skeins. It was worth it to me. 
Simple pattern but the socks turned out ever so lovely!! I wish I could tell you more about the yarn
but I lost the label sometime after I cast on the socks. Which really bugs me because I like to hang on to them, oh well!
I also finally started on the second trailing clouds sock. 
I am doing afterthought heels and the toes in knit picks stroll white. 
These are my laundromat socks, to keep me from getting bored while I wait for my clothes to dry.. 
oh the woes of apartment living!
In other knitterly news, I received some happy mail recently. These super fun mini skeins from three fates yarn. I loooove these colors and I love trying yarn from new to me shops. My plans are to use them for this awesome pattern, mixalot socks.  I love the name! I love this pattern, its going to be fun seeing how these work up. They won't be matchy matchy but thats ok with me. 
I also received some beautiful yarn by OrangeFlower. Very pretty. 
The color is called tea rose. This is designated for a shawl. I have narrowed down my choices. 
I just couldn't resist the color! 
All I have to say is, so much yarn, so little time!!


  1. Love the colorful pictures on your blog post! I so want to learn how to knit socks! I know if I do, I won't be able to stop!

    Linda in VA

  2. such wonderful finished projects! happy weekending!

  3. I just need a pair of socks for easy on the brain knitting....i am working on a lace shawl right now and it is driving me bonkers, so a nice sock is just the remedy! I love all your socks so beautiful!

  4. the yarn is humming, so are those amazing socks. I love all your photography -- beautifully done

  5. Oh geez, I don't know how that happened ... that previous comment was supposed to read, "yarn is YUMMY" not humming ... I guess it's humming too but yummy is what I intended to write :)


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