I have finished my first Stephen West pattern, yay! 
Its called Barndom. 
You might have caught a finished pic on instagram last week or my updated project page here.
I really loved working on this project.
 It challenged me even though it looks easy and after all I love knitting garter stitch so whats the challenge about that! This was my first time doing simple cabling on a shawl 
and I used this video so that I didn't have to use a cable needle. 
That was successful although I am pretty sure that you can only do this type of technique when the cable is simple. Sometimes I shy away from cabled patterns for the very reason I don't want to have to stop, do the whole cable stitch and start again. 
It seems like you can't get a good flow going in the whole knitting project.
 So I am glad that I got to practice with out a needle for this. I feel like I can tackle some more cables in future projects. I might have a look around Ravelry to see what I can add to my library.
My only issue with this particular pattern was the wording of one particular row. I'm pretty sure it was the way I read it but after reading other helpful notes on ravelry I wasn't the only one.
 I didn't get frustrated, but sometimes you just have to put down your project ,walk away, think about it a little and try again later. Sometimes a day or two later. Pick up something else that is easy like a sock.
After all that, I was fine and figured out what needed to be done.
I love the two colors and they looked so pretty together. I mentioned earlier that this is also my first time using Belle in Juno Fibre Arts and it certainly won't be the last. 
I can't say enough, how much I love this yarn. The halo was so lovely. I can see knitting a Celes or Halligarth with this yarn, it would be just beautiful. Both of those, are patterns I want to do in the future, very near future.
The shawl is now shipped off and it will be displayed at the Juno Fibre Arts Booth for Unwind Brighton. 
I have to admit, thats pretty exciting to me. I just wish I could attend, now that would be so fun! 
In other knitterly news, I am still plugging away on my Wildflowers Mystery Shawl
and working on some socks in between. I have one sock complete with my trailing clouds stripe yarn and cast on for the second, maybe it will be done this week since I love how it turned out. I manage to finish it during the season finale of GoT. How I even managed to do that is beyond me since the episode had me so enthralled, that show always leaves me wanting more! 
Also I actually even cast on for some more toe ups while I was
at the beach on Saturday morning. Of course, I could have worked on some other sock wips but what 
is the fun in that!! 


  1. Such a beautiful shawl. Congratulations!

  2. Oh WOW! That shawl is simple scrumptious! It looks hard tho! At least for me!
    I love the colors you put together for yours... so soft looking....

    Linda in VA

  3. Your shawl is stunning!
    I love Jared Flood patterns and now that I've seen your shawl I would
    love to knit one too.

  4. Oops, for some reason I mixed up Jared Flood and Stephan West ;)
    I have never knit a West pattern, but now I guess I'm going to.

  5. AHHH! I love it! It's gorgeous!

  6. What a lovely shawl!! I love it!
    I also knitted my Rocio watching GoT ;)

  7. What a lovely shawl!! I love it!
    I knitted my Rocio during the season finale of GoT as well ;)

  8. that is a beautiful shawl. Love the colours you chose too. That cable really makes it unique!


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