wip wednesday

Happy Wednesday!
This past week I have started reading Orphan Train.
One of my favorite non-knitting podcasts is Stuff you missed in history class and one of their recent episodes drew me in to find out some more about it, you can find it here
Progress on my shawlette, I have picked up the stitches and I am now working the short rows. 
This part may take awhile.. 
This past week I received 2 ever so lovely packages of happy mail. 
The first is yarn from Juno Fibre Arts
I can't tell you how absolutely lovely Belle is,
 its pretty much what it would be like if you could knit a cloud.. so soft! 
It also has a really lovely halo, which is so pretty! I will definitely be knitting with that again in the future.. she has an update coming up and it just might break the bank!
The second was from Miss Babs, I am finally trying some Tarte yarn. 
A lot of ravelers on instagram taking pictures of their lovely yarn has enabled me to purchase some.. its this lovely light shade of sage almost grey in some light.. Beachglass is definitely an appropriate name for it. She sends her yarn with a little sample of other yarn and a cute little stitch marker which is always nice because you can never have too many of those. 
I already have the yarn  designated for a future project, because you know, one can never have enough ongoing projects. Its the through the loops mystery kal which starts on June 1. 
I think to date this has been the most I have ever had on the needles and will ever have on the needles, the OCD in me is having little heart attacks on a daily basis when I pass by my little project corner. I'm a fairly monogamous knitter but lately I don't know what has gotten into me, a case of castonitis. 
Its alright though, I guess if that is the worst thing in my life right now, I can't complain, right?!? 
The project I am really working on right now is my Barndom Shawl.. 
It is definitely an interesting knit, and first of all its my first Stephen West pattern and it is a departure from the rest of the projects I usually do.. but all in all I love it so far. The colors are so good together. My projects notes are here. Whats on your needles right now? How do you guys keep your projects organized? I know every knitter is different.. it would be good to learn a few tips! 


  1. That is such beautiful wool - I've now been over to Miss Babs and am swooning over the loveliness. The Orphan train has been on my reading list for a while. Hope you are enjoying it. Your photos are also so lovely - they have such a peaceful quality, they make me want to leave all the chores, find a corner of light (bit hard today - very bleak and overcast here in Melbourne, Australia) and knit for the rest of the day. So glad to have found your corner of the world :-)

  2. Amazing yarn it looks a real delight. The Orphan train is on my list to read. A delightful post with beautiful photos. Have a great week.

  3. Gorgeous yarn! I've not tried Juno FibreArts but now I want too. Lovely progress on your shawl ☺️


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