this week has been both warm, windy and gloomy
today is the latter, rain sprinkles here and there
we could use the rain, everything is so much better when it rains
a sweet little hummingbird made its way to branch near me and flew away before I could really capture it, they are my most favorite
this recipe, thank you pinterest another win!
a job interview earlier in the week.. fingers crossed 
a fresh bouquet of pink peonies 
a little progress on my lizzie shawlette
the dahlias are blooming and every spring I remember how much I love their pretty petals


  1. I am so curious what you are knitting! Love your shots of the hummer and dahlia. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. So calm and peaceful. So lucky to capture the hummingbird! My favourite.

  3. Sounds like a good week all round. Love the Humming Bird.

  4. I've had my hummingbird feeder up for a few weeks now - but so far, no hummers. Or at least I haven't seen them... But hopefully they will show up soon!

    Linda in VA

  5. Yay!! You have a blog! I have followed you on flickr but always wondered if you had a blog. I found you through the wonderful Andi of mysistersknitter. Great shawl!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful images ... gorgeous! And your Lizzie Shawlette will be so pretty in white :)


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