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I never meant to be away from my blog for so long.. 
My camera needed a little fixing and I ended up taking a sort of blogging break,
I have been on instagram although its not the same. But, all is well again and in the meanwhile I've been plugging away at some projects and completing others. 
I recently started this little Shawlette in elsawool. This yarn is so soft and fluffy. If you like brooklyn tweed loft than you will love elsawool, its worth every penny and I'm just surprised there aren't more projects on ravelry that use it.
 I also finished a couple of little sweaters for my niece and nephew, here and here and started this one.
Knitting for little people is so fun, just can't get enough of it. 
I sent the bunnies off to my newest little twin nieces that we welcomed into the family last week,
 a few weeks early but in good health, Pippa & Lily-Mae. 
Oh I just love those names!  
They sleep holding hands and cuddling. So sweet... Next is my Sisters baby and she is due next week.. yippee!
 hope to meet them all soon….
 In other projects I have tried to keep up with my pledge to knit a pair of socks every month this year however I am failing miserably and only one finished pair and a few wips to show for it… here
and here and here… They tag along with me to the laundry mat a few times a week so progress is slow..
Today I am just hanging out with my mister, a nice long hike this morning. The Santa Ana winds are showing themselves today, windy and hot, a warning of whats to come this week supposedly record high temps..  I have some gumbo cooking in my cast iron pot and iced Moroccan green tea in my hand.  Has anyone else been watching the latest episodes of Bletchley Circle? I just love this show. Speaking of good shows I am so looking forward to the fall season of Masterpiece theatre!! Miss Marple & Inspector Lewis are coming back! Actually the whole line up sounds so great!
 If you are interested in a cute movie recommendation, watch Populaire, the wardrobes are to die for and for those who might something a little fun to listen to,
a french inspired playlist, turn it up and dance a little!

  french by lovelifeandpictures on Grooveshark

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  1. Yay to blogging again. I have been feeling so deprived of your beautiful posts.;)
    As I was reading this post, I truly was oohing and ahhing, shaking my head yes to this falls Masterpiece theatre, and then coveting all your sweet projects.
    Can't get over how much I love those handspun sock in the works.


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