a yellow swallowtail

I've finished my swallowtail shawl, and it was my first time for nupps. I didn't mind them though.. I love how it turned out and its just the right size, adding it to my ever so slowly growing shawl collection. If you have not tried swans island fingering yarn, you should. 
It was really nice to work with and I had more than enough left over that I could have added a few repeats to the the budding lace portion.
Since I finished that project,  I've already cast on another a new shawl, 
I casted on Lizzie Bennet's Shawlette. I can't resist anything to do with Jane Austen and I'm just sort of riding this shawl knitting wave I'm on right now.
 My sock wips are put away for the moment, its just been so hot here that I have been living in my sandals and bare feet which means I can't seem to pick up any of my socks projects. Thats ok I have plenty on my plate knitting wise for pretty much what seems like the rest of summer.. 
I also have 2 more shawl projects coming up.. the first is the Wildflowers MKAL and I purchased this absolutely beautiful yarn from Tumbleweed Yarns. This is my first purchase from this etsy shop and I am so excited about this color. I love it, so bright and deep and really rich. Its called Pretty Petals. which is appropriate but honestly it was really hard to choose!
 I really enjoyed my first kal which was the follow your arrow by Ysolda so why not do another! 
 I am also pretty happy for a package to be arriving soon, from the wonderful Juno Fibre Arts. I love happy mail!
Oooh, I am just so excited to work with her yarn. I was contacted by Asti to knit her up a sample for the upcoming Unwind in Brighton UK. As soon as that arrives I will be casting on this pattern. My only wish is that I could actually drop it off in person. It sounds like a great event to attend! 
The pattern will be my first Stephen West pattern, its called Barndom. A lot of garter stitch! Is anyone else working on any shawls? any pattern or yarn recommendations? 


  1. It's gorgeous! Amazing patterns and lovely colours. (This really makes me want to learn to knit...!)
    Have a lovely week,

  2. So beautiful!
    I just finished knitting Sandness, my second one, and loved knitting it.

  3. Gorgeous Swallowtail!!! Such a sunny colour

  4. beautiful! and i love your color choice~ i too, have been on a bit of a shawl kick! i've finished mara by madeline tosh & gills rock by Paula Emons-Fuessle for quince & co. and currently have a lala shawl on the needles. off to visit your links~



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