works in progress

spring is looking so lovely new buds everyday
despite how dry and warm it has been the last couple of days
I would really love a good rain  
the evenings air is scented with orange and lime blossoms
I can't even tell you how much I absolutely love the scent
I breathe in deeply on my walks 
I love it..The blossoms don't last not nearly long enough
but the trees are full of lemons and limes 
I have some good neighbours that don't mind me picking their trees
I am so sad though that our apartment manager had the tree trimmers cut down our fig tree
I loved it when it was in full bloom 
blossoms blossoms blossoms are everywhere
I've been listening to a couple of new to me albums lately
if you love folksy americana type music which is one of my favorite kind
check out 
 a little playlist for you with a few songs for you to preview

 I have had more than a few wips on the needles in the past but usually I'm a fairly monogamous knitter
I tend to see projects through to the end even if they can be somewhat boring half way through
but right now I have a few projects on the go
it makes me itchy, knitting is the only time when my slight OCD comes out..
A gramps sweater for my nephew and a stormy jacket for him as well
My porthole beret with tern by quince and co
I am also test knitting a lovely and simple eyelet shawl with madelinetosh merino light in nectar
so in love with this color!
I have some socks that I started earlier in the month for my 12 in 12 project but I must
say that I have not picked them up to work on them because I really did not like the two at a time
I tried, I really tried but I am going to have separate them, its just not me, so after these projects are done I hope to continue with  my socks in march I can't believe February has almost come to a close
I have a couple of little crochet projects on the go too but those are little, quick and fun. 
I recently signed up for the "I yarn, You stitch" project via instagram that is being hosted by Sew Deerly Loved. Its a combination of knitters/crocheters and sewers/stitchers. I'll receive a sewn project and send a knitted project. Its a secret swap so I don't want to post the project I am working on but its really fun and its color work, which I love especially when its in the round. I'll post a pic when its sent but for now its secret. I love swaps, its happy mail! I love happy mail!


  1. i'm so happy you shared your spring olivia~ beautiful photos & equaly beautiful knitting! do you have hummers this time of year? we won't see them here (ohio) until late april early may~ great shot! enjoy your week~

  2. Beautiful photos - lucky you to have springtime right at your doorstep.

    Happy knitting!

  3. Please share your play lists more often! This one is amazing! And your projects and photos are adorable. I am anything but a monogamist when it comes to crafts. I think I have a handful of projects waiting to get done. I just need it that way!


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