lavender hearts

Knit up some hearts. Stuffed with a little dried lavender and
embellished with a little embroidery.
I love lavender, it is one of my favorite scents.
I also finished a new tea cozy.  I love it, its so bright and fresh.
Most importantly it keeps my tea warm… earl grey is my daily favorite!
I made another batch of scones, lemon blueberry this time. 
Scones or any sweet breads really, are my hubby's favorite with a cup of coffee in the morning before he goes to work.
I am also still plugging away on the latest clue for the follow your arrow kal by
Ysolda Teague. One more clue to go. 
i'm still thinking about the project I would like to complete for ravellenics. 
I joined up with pipeliners group. Its my favorite knitting podcast.
I'm pretty sure I will do a shawl, since I am kind of on a shawl kick, its between 
the shaelyn or ishbel.
Any suggestions?
These two lovely shawls have been in my library for ages and just never got around to them.
Its not like I have much more time to think about it, since the olympics are about to start!
I finally put in an order for some blocking pads. 
I realize if I am knitting more lace this will help out immensely with the 
whole blocking process. Thats the best part of blocking lace.
Watching it come to life, so to speak. 


  1. the little hearts are the sweetest & the scones....oh my! the colors of your crochet projects are so pretty~ it's nice to see color in the middle of winter~ hope you're having a great week!

  2. Oh I love your little hearts! You should join the Sheepish Heart Bomb on Valentine's Day! :)

  3. Very lovely! The lemon blueberry scones look so yummy!


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