stocking stuffer ideas

A few weeks ago, 
my husband and I exchanged our christmas wish lists
which also included stocking stuffer ideas
I thought I would share some of my christmas wishes
or really
just some of my favorite things that I have come across recently
because if they aren't in my stocking I will be buying them myself! 
maybe these lovely items will inspire you to buy
for that knitter in your life
I might be just enabling you
either way, enjoy!

1.  This tote would be an essential part  of my wardrobe as well.
2. A set of journals, for all those notes I take while knitting and crocheting,
but, I would love anything by Rifle Paper Co.
3. Because who doesn't like a mouse that knits, and she would lovely on my wall.
4. After a long day of knitting, taking a bath in tea sounds delicious and relaxing!
5. These stitch markers. simple.
6. I have to protect my stash plus my yarn will smell heavenly…
7. For the knitter who loves tea and would love to try something new. I'm always up for new flavors.
8. Any of these colors will do also…. well, basically anything from this shop.

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  1. Oh my gosh...I had no idea Fancy Tiger had an etsy shop. Thanks for pointing that out!



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