my tea pot is cozy

“As she walked, she breathed a quick benediction to the patron saint of sleuthing. "Nancy Drew," she whispered, "be with me now.” 

I've been listening to Wildwood..
Its whimsical, wonderful and weird. My kind of book.
when I am not listening to the book and knitting,
knitting with some new to me yarn.. 
I am listening to this lovely gem of an album.
on the needles at the moment, 
are these mittens for my niece.
I love garter stitch. Some people love or hate it.
 I love it.
Its nice being able to use yarn from my left over stash. 
Finished is my teapot cozy turned out very cute and I love it!
 The cold has arrived in my neck of the woods,
so I have been brewing quite a bit.
I actually got a frost advisory warning on my phone.
homespun mini skeins yarn I had purchased on etsy.
mini skeins are great.
I'm slowly plugging away at my monster cowl.
I am calling it, my lovely rustic owl cowl. 
This yarn is fantastic and fabulous. I want to buy loads more of it.
sleep in it and knit everything in it!
I keep starting other things and putting it aside so its very slow going...
I do have to admit, I prefer the camptown races pattern. 
I liked knitting in the round and the different stripe sequences.
I hope to cast on some mens socks. My husband has made a request for them.
He never asks me for anything hand knit, so I'm a little excited but
daunted at the thought of how big they will have to be compared to my own knit socks. 
Any pattern or yarn recommendations? 


  1. what a lovely bunch of knitting and such calm colours! so nice to meet you; thanks for commenting on my blog today! Have a great rest of your week and happy tea drinking! :)

  2. I love all of your knitted goodness!

  3. Now you need a mug cozy to go with your teapot cozy! Your photos have such lovely, warm colors.


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