cupcakes, foxes and bears, oh my!

this past weekend
we were at the flea market, celeb spotting, some christmas shopping
and early christmas presents to me from me….
1950's knitting basket is my favorite flea market purchase that
I have made by far. oh wait, I think I say that about everything every time I go!
I love the fabric and it is in excellent condition, not a scratch, can you believe I got it for $3..
also a picnic basket , supposedly from the 70's 
but one can never really know and I love it anyways 
also this really lovely lovely lovely candle in Vanilla by
Lucy's Cabin, it is heavenly!
my wips are near the finish line
should be in the mail shortly
I am almost done with this bear
if it wasn't for the helpful notes of others on ravelry 
I would never have been able to knit it, without pulling out my hair!!
I have come to the conclusion that 2014 will be the year of the great destash
honestly I have reached the point where 
I have more projects I would like to do than I have time for and more yarn than I could possibly use in a lifetime...
so I will be on a yarn buying hiatus for the foreseeable future oh my, that really hurts but I have to! 
I have been commissioned by my sister in laws for some new cardigans/sweaters
it seems my nieces and nephews are going through some major growth spurts and have outgrown most of what I have knit for them so that will be fun and I plan on doing some more color work.
I am still listening to Wildwood and I am loving it..
also watching this new to me show 
if you like Agatha Christie but want to watch it in french with a very interesting twist 
I highly recommend! I love it!


  1. Those fox mittens are adorable..I might have to knit a pair for my little nephew. Your knitting basket is almost exactly like one my grandmother had when I was a little girl, happy knitting!

  2. lovely post ~ your fox mittens are absolutely adorable!

  3. Love your new yarn basket!
    Your posts always make my day.

  4. The flea market looks amazing.
    And I love the soft glow in all your pictures, so cozy...
    What filter do you use on your camera to create it?
    Just found the blog and am really diggin it so far.

  5. Everything is so fun! Love those fox mittens best of all. And great flea market finds!!! Love a good treasure.

  6. oops, meant to ask you if you like the Nature Spun yarn. I've seen it popping up here and there on the yarn alongs and was wondering how it is. I love all the color choices they have. Thought it might be a good option for fair isle knitting.


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