the christmas cadbury chocolate has arrived in stores
breakfast of champions
started working on my ornaments for my little christmas tree.
the tree won't go up until thanksgiving..
I ordered this felt kit that goes with these patterns
they are the cutest. 
mixing them in with some of my own designs.
sequins, ribbon and colorful embroidery thread everywhere.
I love it. 
cross stitching a few ornaments too.
the first is a jane austen silhouette.
almost completed the stocking for my hubby. 
when we moved to california some boxes were accidentally forgotten
which included a lot of my craft stuff, yarn and christmas decor.
so now I am finally getting around to making another set of stockings for 
my hubby and I
christmas fair isle is lovely!
but the stocking is huge
I purchased this kit
and it comes with so much yarn
probably enough to make more than 2 stockings
I might use the left overs for a pom pom garland.
love those!


  1. Great pictures and projects. I am drooling over the socks. Beautiful.

  2. Look at all the festive love you have going on! Reminds me really need to get going on mine. :)
    I will have to check for the Cadbury goodies.

  3. so much fun! i think i need to make some of those ornaments too, they are SO cute!


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