" A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things"

this is my season
finally the cooler weather has arrived
in my neck of the woods
I am absolutely relishing every minute of it..
this album is on my player right now
nature walking
mushrooms hidden amongst the fallen leaves
the snow is falling in the mountains
the birds are singing 
the squirrels in my front yard are busier than ever
golden light, short days
the tea kettle is whistling
all day
more music to my ears
cinnamon, anise, pine and cardamom scents fill 
my tiny apartment
the knitting needles are clicking 
every evening
stew is stewing in the crockpot
 somehow smells and tastes better during this time of the year
syd is my constant companion on the couch
cuddling under the blanket 
while I watch movies
moonrise kingdom over and over
Sammy prefers to spend her time on the bed
christmas will come all too soon
another favorite time of the year 
but right now
these are my favorite moments
 I am savoring every single drop of it


  1. I love autumn too. Your pictures are so beautiful. :)

  2. The Paper Kites are a favorite in my house as well. You have quite excellent taste in music.
    What a lovely autumn walk and beautiful captures. As usual always a pleasure to see Syd!


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