an unexpected break from blogging lately..
a visit from my brother, sister in law and nephew.
the best kind of visit other than the little medical emergency which resulted
in a much longer visit. 
all is well now.
 they are back in mexico again.
safe and sound.
I'm back to knitting and with a new blog look.
what do you think?
the air is really cool today
socks are finished and warming my toes.
cardamom latte is warming my hands.
almond milk and cardamom seeds.
heat. mix. serve.
so many project so little time.
I have so many projects on the needles right now
I am sorting through and prioritizing
I think that 2014 is starting to look like the year of stash busting


  1. I love the look of the blog. I really need to update mine as well. Been way too long! Your socks look so nice and cozy.

  2. pretty socks and I wonder what will be on your needles next :)

  3. Gorgeous socks, now I want a cup of milky tea or coffee...

  4. Beautiful socks! Love the new look of your blog. Glad to see you back as I look forward to your posts. And glad to hear you and your family are well.

  5. I love the look of the updated blog, but I love your socks more! It looks lovely and cosy.

  6. I love your new look, very clean and crisp.
    I think I may have to join you in making 2014 a year of stash busting, I may have a little yarn problem.
    Your socks are super cute.

  7. Love the new blog look. Even more happy to hear that everyone's okay.

    As for stash-busting, the reaction to my stash on IG today has me committing to another year of stash-busting. Errr ... seriously ... 2014 is the year. Errr ... what's up with the laughing I'm hearing coming from behind my head while I type this comment? See ... look here ... LOLOL! It's going to happen!!!

  8. I keep thinking I'll stash bust, too, then keep adding to the stash...


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