a scarf for moi.
brooklyn tweed loft. 
randome stripes.
so soft around my neck.

a trio of berets complete.

these are 
for my nieces and sister in law in canada.
I don't think I've shared too many photos of family,
so below is,
Aurora in one of the berets I made her last year.
Titan, my nephew is standing next to her.
 they were are all dressed up for church,
earlier this month for thanksgiving.

 I thought I was finished knitting for babies for awhile but...
my sister has one on the way due next summer and
one of my sister in laws is expecting twins, 
I am beyond excited with this news because I love knitting
for babies. 
who doesn't! 
I've told my husband that when the twins are born I will
be moving in to be their nanny. 
haha, that didn't go over
too well... 
I was only half kidding.
My brother does missionary work in Guadalajara, Mexico.
so its a little far for a nanny job!
And here is one of my 
sister in laws, 
the one that is expecting twins with my nephew Oliver 
and with my other niece, Amelie. 
Amelie is my sister's daughter.
They are all very cute and I miss them all so much every day!


  1. Okay..I am having a overload of love with this post. Being that I am one the best Aunties in the world "according to my nephew", I am dying over the cuteness of your nieces and nephews. Oh yay, more on the way!!!
    The knitting..oh my goodness. Gorgeous.

  2. beautiful knitting, beautiful family~




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