early morning walk with the dogs this morning.
frosty leaves. brown, red, green peeks of yellow.
little sammy just doesn't have the energy she used to.
 I have to lift her onto the bed otherwise 
she'll sleep on the floor next to the bed and I know
she really wants to be all cuddled under the blankets. 
the mister calls her chub-a-lubs. 
she is a little chubby but I think its cozy.
she keeps me company while I knit. 
I started on my imogen cowl, again.
Its turning out much better than my last attempt.
belize in finch by quince & co.
this yarn has amazing stitch definition. 
I really love the frost flower pattern, requires a bit of concentration.
Used finch in storm for my hat too. The pattern is cecily.
A quick trip to the farmers market for some veggies. 
yummy corn to go along with dinner tonight.
I am so happy to see pumpkin everything at the stores this past week.
 I am using the pumpkin spice in my own coffee.
 Almond milk, boiled with cinnamon, espresso and a dash of pumpkin spice.
I really want to try out some handspun yarn to make socks, any suggestions?
I have some madtosh yarn on its way to my mailbox this week
 for the fall into kal that I am looking forward to very much.
I can't say it enough but this is my most favorite time of the year..
september to december.
my knitting needles can't work fast enough.
too many projects swimming in my head.
they even keep me up at night,
but I don't mind!


  1. Beautiful post, as always...

  2. Such beautiful photos!! I just can't stop swooning over your coffee mug photo! Beautiful knitting too. They will be such cozy things to wear this fall.

    It's tough seeing our loved ones grow old, I am sorry xx Sammy looks like such a sweet girl.

  3. Quince & Co. makes such lovely yarns. Have you tried their Tern? Oh my.
    Pumpkin has been showing it's face here too, I've been putting it in my chai
    and making pumpkin pudding for breakfast.

  4. That's a lovely model you have there. *smile* I envy your knitting ability. I've tried and failed a few times. It's a wonderfully relaxing process, so I'll likely try my hand at it again eventually. Nice colour you've chosen.

    Just surfed over here from Gum Tree Lane.



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