knitting and Ms. Marple.

This weekend we had plans to wander about the city. 
It was too hot so we never left the house after all. Not even to the famers market,
so my fridge is lacking in the vegetable department. 
While my mister watched football, I visited with Miss. Marple.
I love that she's always knitting.
They don't make these shows like they used to. 
I love this style of show and writing. 
Meanwhile I finished a couple of craft projects and  have put down some of my other projects and tucked them away for now. 
I have about 7 WIP's right now. 2 Pairs of socks, 2 cross stitch projects, a cowl and a scarf and fox hat.
I added an 8th. 
I picked up my US 4 knitting needles and started on this cowl. It starts 
with a provisional cast on and then stitched together when finished.
I love the pattern. Its going to take awhile and it might get repetitive but
the end will be worth it. 
I have 2 skeins of madelinetosh pashmina. Its heaven in my fingers.
I had been saving it for a while now... 
I joined a couple of swaps and knit alongs on Ravelry. 
So I've got a few little tiny things to work on for those as well. 
But thats the fun part of doing a swap, putting together a gift for someone you don't even know
but have plenty in common with. 
and today its just been Syd & Sam with me
and well, 
Syd sleeps most of the time. 


  1. 7 Wips that is fantastic. :) I say variety is the spice of life. There is a project for each mood. Not sure what that says about me as I have a least 15 projects in the needles.
    Glad you joined the KAL.
    Beautiful stitching.
    And oh my goodness, Syd sleeping kills me! Insta-love.

  2. I would like to cross-stitch the rose. Will you please send me a link or what else I may need to get that. Thanks!!


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