beauty is all around no.4

a playlist from me for you.

Its friday.
this week was..
mint flavored everything. everyday. my mint has gone absolutely mad and wild!
for now its in my water, good for the tummy.
 discovering the unthanks. why had I not heard these girls before.
frogging and restarting. drooling and giving in to some new yarn.
I ordered 3 of finch in belize.
going to the library and spending a few lazy evenings reading.
mollie makes and a few projects swimming in my head.
pan dulce (mexican sweet bread).
one day I will make some and show you how.
making stew.
 stew is most often even better the next day.
the flavors spend the night dancing and mingling.
today I fixed it up with a little sautéed greens in pancetta with lots of garlic and rustic bread.
I'm a garlic girl. I eat it raw sometimes. is that weird? i don't know..
blame it on parents who made my siblings and I eat our veggies and natural foods.
the mister thinks some of my eating habits are unusual but he's texan,
and I think chicken fried anything that's not chicken is weird. 
I am so glad to say that slowly but surely over the 7 years we have been married,
he has broadened his palate to include more veggies and unfried foods.
Well, he loved this stew, hooray!
If you want to make this, 
pop a few chicken sausages in the oven by the time your stew is simmering, 
these will be almost done and you can chop up and add into the stew, where they will finish cooking through.
First sauté 1 yellow onion, as many cloves of garlic you want until its all soft in some olive oil,
add 1chopped leek, 1 small chopped butternut squash, 1 chopped sweet potato (mine were white).
sauté some more.. 
add chopped kale or your choice of greens
 sauté some more.
add 4 cups of chicken broth, 1 can of crushed tomatoes and 1 cup of water.
stir and stir and stir.
Add 2 cans of great northern white beans. 
stir and stir and stir. 
a bay leaf, a few fresh basil leaves, salt & pepper,  a dash of cumin,
simmer until cooked through.
Any weekend plans? 
the plan for us is to explore avila beach
Spend the day at the beach tomorrow with the dogs,
 hike a bit and explore the Avila Valley farm. 
Last year we went in october and picked apples, ate roasted corn, hot chili, corn bread and baked apple cider donuts, we also brought home blackberry pie and few pumpkins. 
 we'll see what we do this time.


  1. Look at all the beauty! It is indeed all around you.
    That stew, sounds and looks incredible. I will be making this, once our weather cools a bit.
    The Quince and Co. yarn is going to be lovely. Any ideas what you are going to create with it?
    Thanks to you, I am now knitting along with your music playlist. Thank you!

  2. You take wonderful pictures, I like your knitting and crafting projects! can your playlist be downloaded?


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