breakfast with my hubby at our regular joint. belgian chocolate chip waffles & strawberries. 
farmers market herb bouquet. mmmm, mint, basil, lavender.
hiking this trail and making it to the end. I really wish I would have brought my camera. 
flea market browsing, looking for frames and records. All I bought was a bundle of linen for $3. Great for some future cross stitching projects. 
I started working on this bunny to go along with the baby blanket I made. Isn't he the cutest!! Can't wait till he's dressed and ready to go.
I'm using leftover yarn. Once you make your first knit or crochet toy, you just can't stop. Really they are easy and this one especially because he is knit flat.
I'm just glad
I have lots of friends with babies along with my nieces and nephews to knit for, otherwise I might
have to pop out a few :)

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