the makings of a new potholder and some chamomile tea.

Fixed some chamomile tea (my fave) and drank a few cups while I took the african flower pattern and turned it into a potholder, you can find a really great easy to follow pattern for free here . The only thing I did was just kept crocheting the dc border until the square was double the size, folded it and sewed it together and now I can add this to my collection. I think I might do another with just plain granny square. 

linked @ sew much ado


  1. Very pretty! The pattern and colours are lovely!

  2. So lovely
    I think I like the back where all the corners meet nearly as much a the flower pattern!

  3. This has got to be the prettiest potholder I have ever seen! Nice work!

  4. This looks like one of my grandmother's vintage pot holders! It would also be a good way for me to enter the world of crochet.


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