pot holders and more pot holders..

I have been going through my scrap bag. I have a big scrap bag. What knitter doesn't?? This is different than your yarn stash, these are the stash leftovers. It's that bag you have hidden in the corner of the closet, full of bits and bobs of left over yarn from past projects. Its the bag where are all my good intentions go to well.. not die... but to wait.
 Wait for that project that I might one day get to.

All you knitters and fellow crocheters and actually this applies to most all types of crafts, know what I am talking about. Its the box of leftovers that you promise yourself, one day, you will make a blanket or stripey socks or that scarf.
 But as you all well know what happens.... that box with all the leftovers stays sort of semi hidden in your closet or that shelf.
Oh, its just enough out of sight so that you can forget about it in order to buy that pretty new yarn for that pretty new project you discovered on pinterest until you finish that said project and put the left overs in the leftovers box. Once again to be reminded that you still need to get to that project you have been meaning to get to. 
Its a vicious cycle. 
Thus I begin with my left over project which I have finally gotten too.
I was admiring my handy work and taking a picture of them on my table when my mister sauntered into the living room, stood there to watch what I was doing and asked those dreaded words, 

"Do you really need that many potholders?"

cue scary hitchcockian music....
duh duh duh..

What, WHAT! You can never have too many potholders or granny squares or blankets or socks or needles or hooks or cozies for anything you can knit a cozy around!! So no, the answer was no you can never have too many potholders.
Oh well, little does he know that other than some pretty new potholders which will be displayed nicely and never used because knitters like to knit things but never actually use them just display them and take pictures of them.
 I am making room for more new yarn! Bwahahaha! Men, they just don't get it!
Anyways ... back to my potholders. I used this pattern and this pattern.

Also I started playing around with the new instagram video thingy. It was fun but you will have to turn the volume down on your computer because I kept forgetting to turn the volume down on the tv and its  on in the background, you will hear bits of Grimm every time I started recording. Love that show!


  1. Beautiful crochet...very envious of your talent! Would love to have you as a regular "linker" at my weekly Tuesday To Do Party! http://blackberryvine.blogspot.com/2013/07/tuesday-to-do-121-and-120-list-makers.html
    The Blackberry Vine

  2. Hi, I love the flower pot holders and have made quite a few of them. Here is one I used as a prop when taking the photos for my Buttermilk Rusks Recipe: http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/food/cakes-and-bakes/buttermilk-rusks-karringmelk-beskuit/

    Yours came out Amazing!!! Now I need to go make some more using your colour schemes. Thank you x



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