happy monday

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I am almost finished working on this abc sampler. I have changed the colors a bit and used a different a sage grey fabric to stitch it on. Goes better with the colors of my place. I'll have to start scouting the flea markets for the perfect frame. I highly recommend this project. I'm still stitching away and have started another WIP. I don't know, I must have like 10 wip's right now.. how about you? 

We're going camping next week, its my annual birthday camping trip, we usually take the whole week and just relax somewhere secluded. Since we have been married its been our little tradition. This year it is the redwoods up by Fort Bragg. I'm so looking forward to it. Last year it was a secluded beach, the year before that it was the mountains. My hubby and I have pretty much camped or visited most of southern california since moving here 3 years ago and now we have to go further and further north to find places we have yet to discover. This trip will be sans the dogs so that we can do some long hiking. When we camp I like to  cook on the dutch oven and I usually make upside down peach cake or peach cobbler for my birthday but I am looking for a different recipe to try. Any recommendations? I can't believe its this time of the year again, when my mom said life flies by after 20 I didn't really believe her but Mom's are usually right....I don't know where the time has gone... I am turning 33, yikes!


  1. such beautiful crochet and embroideries!
    hope you have a lovely camping birthday, sounds like a fun trip!

  2. Happy early birthday. What a fun way to celebrate your day. Yes, time does fly after 20, as somehow I am now 40? Odd I still feel 30.
    You can never have too many WIPs. I say this because I have around 15 projects going on. Yikes.
    As far as a recipe goes for your trip, if you are into chocolate this is a great one.
    This site has some really great recipes for Dutch ovens, maybe you will find something here:
    Have the best time and I hope you are able to squeeze some crafting in while there.


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