cup cozy and a soap cozy

This is my last pot holder for awhile, 
we'll see...
anyhow this bad boy is going with me camping. Love this stitch, discovered it via pinterest. And again, damn you pinterest! I love sarah's site. Some great stuff like this and this  and this.

And here is my soap owl. Little owl holds my soap. Isn't he a hoot!!! The eyes are a little googly but thats ok. Little owl is going camping with me too, and yes I really love soap that I crochet little holders for my bars. 

My cup cozy is coming along as well! I love the colors. I offered to make one for the mister but he stated that if he has anything cozy on a cup he might have to hurt someone. Ok fine then.

Also I have some new yarn. Yes, I know. Its a sickness. Its called too-much-yarnitis but can't help it because paypal makes buying yarn so easy. I've come to terms with it and have embraced this sickness. Actually I got this yarn for a baby project. One of my good best old friends that I have known since I was 5 is having her second baby. 
Another boy, hence the boy colors. Light Blue, Chocolate brown, light grey, mink heather and white.
I want to knit her some baby stuff and I know for sure I will make this bunny possibly this bear and some baby socks if there is enough leftover yarn but the big thing is a baby blanket. I have not settled on a pattern yet. I was thinking either this or this or this. What do you think? I need help and suggestions! 


  1. Lots of lovelies!
    As far as the blanket, I really think the Chevron blanket would be lovely with those colors.

  2. Hi I love your owl soap pattern, where can I buy the pattern PLEASE?


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