Finished working on my any gauge socks. Its a great pattern. Really really easy and they fit so well.
I am on the fence with regards to toe ups vs. cuff down. I like the fact that when you work toe ups, you can knit until you run out of yarn, but most of the patterns I have tried I don't like the way the heels fit. But these worked out great. I really like knit picks sock yarn, 
for the price they feel so nice! 
hmm... that rhymed.
 I've been reading Roald Dahl, so I blamed it on that. 
Watched this and this and this.  
I've been laid up since friday since I tweeked my neck. My crazy dog saw a squirrel on our nightly walk and pulled so hard I think my arm briefly left its socket and bizoinked back into place whilst turning my neck into the leaning tower of painful pisa. 
Yes bizoinked is a word, well no not really but I blame that also on the Dahl.! 
so no knitting for a few days just reading and watching... 

coffee and reading..
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any gauge socks

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  1. Hope your neck is doing better after being bizoinked (smile).
    Your socks are lovely. I am with you the Knitpicks Felici is a wonderfully soft yarn.


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