flowers, gardens and tranquil monkeys

I've started taking my camera with me on my daily walks with my dogs. 
It proves to be quite the task when I am trying to take a picture of flowers and 
my dog is pulling me in the opposite direction. 
Nonetheless it is worth it and our neighbourhood looks lovely right now and I really want to capture and enjoy the beauty around me. 
One thing about living in southern california since we moved here, is that the flowers never seem to stop blooming. Even in the winter, the bougainvillea never seem to fade..

I have started on a another pair of Cookie A. Monkey socks, using the no purl method. The yarn is knit picks stroll sock in Tranquil. Its a great color!

I really love
Kazuko Aoki embroidery books
 but they are in japanese. This is one of the books I am referencing. I got the itch to do some embroidery and I have some tea towels that are plain white, a blank canvas ready to be stitched on.
I have purchased my books through Etsy in the past.
Even if you never do any of the
projects the pictures are so pretty to look at and drool worthy. 
The good things is, is that embroidery is somewhat universal and pictures are easy to follow. 
I am also using this pattern from NanaCompany. I love her blog and she made this pattern herself. Its a free pattern and its really very pretty. 

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  1. Oh my...I love your needle work..and of course the flower too..

  2. love the colors in this post especially the monkey socks!
    happy weekending~


  3. it is all the small things with a great love !!!


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