a beachy weekend and new socks

We spent our anniversary at Cardiff by the Sea, just relaxing under the sun and letting the dogs run around to roll in the sand. There is a great dog beach near by and I collected sea shells and rocks. The dogs collected the most unfortunately placed crabs and seaweed. The Mister collected some nice pieces of driftwood. We explored near by Carlsbad and Oceanside. Great antique shops, if you ever are in the area. It was really nice!

 I finished my my socks. They fit great and the pattern was fun. You'll find the pattern in Socktopus.

 Working on some crochet projects right now and bought some plain tea towels at the flea market awhile back that I think I will crochet an edging onto. I just started reading Jennifer Worth's memoirs. I really love the show Call the Midwife and had to read the book that started it all. So fascinating and interesting. I really recommend the book. 


  1. Love your socks. The design looks like a fun knit.

  2. Your socks are gorgeous! and I love your book placeholder!

  3. Sounds like a lovely break. I'm very impressed with your socks, I'm not a great knitter, I struggle to follow patterns and prefer crochet so something as complicated as socks are beyond me


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