there and back again..

gee, I didn't realize how long its been since my last post. I had the pleasure of visiting my family in Canada for awhile. I had a great time, loving on my nieces and nephew. It rained and rained the whole time but I loved it.  The heat is creeping up and up and up in southern california now, I am wishing I was back in Vancouver. Camping at the beach is right around the corner and I am finding it hard to knit since its more of a cold weather hobby but for now the knitting needles are still calling my name... I finally broke down and ordered some brooklyn tweed loft, its a lovely yarn, scratchy but soft, tweedy and I love the colors. Not working on anything in particular perhaps a really long scarf or cowl, but mostly just a lot of random stripes I think I will order it again sometime in the future or in the winter. I just shipped off my camptown races in madelinetosh merino light for my mom. Its cozy and bright, perfect for that drizzly northwest weather! Hope she likes it as much as I liked knitting it.

random stripes with brooklyn tweed loft
random stripes with brooklyn tweed loft
madelinetosh merino light

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