hot chocolate

Oh will this cold ever end.. really I shouldn't complain but it so chilly lately around here. Sammy keeps me company during the day. I couldn't resist a picture of Miss Sammy. She gathers all the pillows and cuddles on them. She arranges them herself, its really funny to watch. I woke up this morning craving hot chocolate so I tried out this recipe. If you love hot chocolate you should try it but I warn you, this is a chocolate overdose, not for the faint of heart :) I added a little espresso and I used dark chocolate. Yum! I recently finished two projects, my Frederick & Anne Scarf and my Magrathea shawl. Both gifted to my Mother in Law and Sister in Law. I have to say that I am quite proud of the scarf, my first lace project and it seemed like it took forever. I only had to frog back twice throughout the whole project and I blame that because I got distracted while watching tv. Both the project were for the Downton Abbey KAL on ravelry. Today I cast on for a new project, another little jumper for my niece but this time in blue and red. Thinking I'll add some details like pockets or something like that. This weekend my hubby and I are off to a little mini road trip up the coast. It has been awhile since our last mini road trip and next month the plan is to visit my family again in Vancouver. I'm still not working yet so trying to make the most of my time. A little sad that Sunday will be the last episode of Downton Abbey for this season, just can't get enough of that show but excited that it will be back for at least 2 more series. In March Call of the Midwife will be back so that is something to look forward too!

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