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what happened to summer?

Gosh it's been awhile. I did not mean to take such a long break from blogging, I kept thinking I need to a post but things piled up. This summer just flew by. It's been so hot, barely any rain and just lots of general busy things. We didn't do any camping this summer even though we meant to. I literally wilt in this heat. I am not born for this weather, I am meant for cold and rain and snow. There is a hint of change in the morning air. Its a good feeling. The evenings aren't so stifling either. 
Enough of the weather, what have I been working on. Lots of this and that. Of course knitting but some sewing as well. 
First up is a quilt I started about 2 weeks ago, basically just have to sew it up and I am pretty sure I will just do ties instead of quilting. 
I had a big pile of plaid flannels and vintage plaid fabrics. I cut a bunch of 6" squares. I was browsing etsy awhile back late at night as you do when you can't sleep. This happens to me when my husband is away out of town for work, which isn't very often, thankfully. I found a listing for 49 3" hearts, all vintage fabrics. I didn't know what I would do with them at the time but I liked them and they went perfect with my flannels and plaids. So I appliqued them to 49 squares. I used a zigzag stitch after spray glue basting them to the squares with brown thread. My husband has been requesting a non 'girly" quilt. So this will be great for fall and for him. I am using a quilt from ikea for the "batting" and I won't do any binding. Keeping it really simple since it will be a lap quilt for the couch and I'm sure the dogs will cozy up into it.  I love it already but haven't had much time to finish it. Won't take long its just a matter of blocking of an afternoon to do it. 
I also decided to work on some epp, and did some hexies with my vintage calicos in stash. I think it will be a 16" pillow. I used glue for basting. So much easier on my hands. The hexies are 1.5".  I might make two, I love the layout so much!
I just finished blocking a very squishy and cozy scarf. The pattern is the Leftovers Cowl but I made quite a few mods. First off its not a cowl but you can read all those on my project page. I used a lot of patterns from Fairisle Motifs book plus the charts in the pattern. This book was a great find at a used book store for just a few dollars that I discovered quite awhile ago, and its an invaluable resource for knitters. Its a great book to have in the library. I really really want to make another scarf since I still have quite a bit of leftovers. Trying hard not to cast on just yet because I have other things I need to finish, like some sock patterns that are in progress. Speaking of socks, I did finish some beautiful socks that were done with hue loco minis. I am so grateful and lucky she gifted me this set, I absolutely loooooved the yarn & colors. Just perfectly autumn. I called them Autumn Rainbow and I used a stitch pattern from one of my other favorite books by Barbara Walker. 
For those of you wondering & who have inquired if I might be doing a shop update, probably not yet but I am working on another great kit autumn/halloween themed with Ashley of The Blackberry Ridge. So stay tuned!

Strawberry Jam & Peonies

Time has been flying.. I had meant to post last week and the time just gets away. My days have been busy working, sewing, knitting and I made some jam. I love jam, just a small batch and it should last through the summer. I swirled it into some homemade vanilla ice cream. It was quite possibly the best thing ever. I found some pretty peonies on sale the day after mother's day. They were just the right pick me up I needed and smell so so wonderful. Mothers day last year is when Miss Sydney passed away so I kind of was in a sad mood for most of the day. She was a lovely little friend and is still missed very much.
Currently I am working on the quilt in the new making zine color issue, its so lovely and it will be perfect as a wall hanging. I have no patience to dye fabric or yarn so I am using essex linen. A fat quarter bundle I got from fat quarter shop ages ago. I'm pairing it with muslin. I'll probably hand quilt it and it will be so nice when its finished. Can't wait to show you. The new making zine is fully of lovely projects as usual. I want to make the back pack, maybe not in yellow maybe grey. I might save it for fall or a winter project. 
Lately I've been using waxed canvas, so fun to work with. I love the result. I have a few things in my etsy shop and hope to add more. I do have a lovely collaboration kit that is popping in the shop on Saturday, with The Blackberry Ridge yarns.
My knitting habits change so much in the warmer months, drastically. In the fall and winter its all about autumnal colors and warm woolens and lots of natural yarns and heavier yarns. Now at the moment I am all about the speckles and knitting socks. Light things to carry around. Its so hot and humid here and its already in the 90's. This weekend we might be in the high 90's and thats with some humidity. I don't mind the heat but I hate humidity so does my hair. Nothing can be done about the frizz. My poor maggie melts in the heat. Its going to be a quiet holiday weekend, possible a little bbq.  Definitely some more strawberry jam ice cream!