I have a severe case of castonitis.. 
I blame it on the wonderful yarns I have recently received in the mail. One of which I have never used before, new to me is Pigeonroof studios.
I ordered Pecan in High Twist Sock and Spume in Superwash Merino Singles and the colors are just so great, true to their photos via the website.. which is always a bonus. 
I immediately wound the yarn and cast on for the Color Affection and Ondine
Both patterns have been sitting in my revelry library for sometime. I had originally cast on color affection with a different yarn but it accidentally got unravelled when one of my dogs got tangled in the project and my stitches came of the needle. It was fate. I just frogged it and started anew with other colors. My And So Are You shawl is almost complete, I broke into the second skein for the pleat.
I'm one of those people who really love to wind their yarn by hand, I really like having a swift but no ball winder. 
Have you all been enjoying fall in your area? I am envious of those fall colors all over instagram at the moment. We just recently stopped using the AC as much since its cooler in the evenings and don't need it but fall is so fleeting here if at all in the city. 
At least I live by some sort of woods and found little bits of autumn here and there. 
Also lately, I have been addicted to watching Escape to the Country via you tube, love this show! 
I had to find something, it makes up for the really long coming months until Outlander comes back to tv. 
Have a good week!


the latest

Just completed this lovely lovely shawlette..
A test knit for Florence aka Mamzelle Flo on Ravelry. 
This is my second test knit for her and I love all her designs.. I have a few yarns 
designated for future projects of her patterns. 
This pattern is yet to be published yet since its still being tested by other fellow knitters.
However there were no issues with the pattern and knit up so nicely that I'm sure it will be out soon.
I have one more project on the needles at the moment, And So Are You by Rose Beck.
Its working up easily. I love this color, this was a yarn that was designated for a different project but 
as I often do, changed my mind. 
Taking a break from using my left over mini skeins that are designated for my sock yarn blanket,
I cast on some fairisle wristers. They're a little big, I should have cast on a few less stitches and don't exactly match color work wise 
but that doesn't bother me. The point is they're pretty and will keep my hands warm whenever IF ever it gets cooler around here!
On my nightstand this week is this book and this one too. Fascinating subjects! 
I highly recommend if you like this sort of history. The problem with working at a library is that there are so many books and so little time to read… not a bad problem to have though!
 Playing over and over on my player is the latest album by Ryan Adams. He has a great voice and has always been a favorite of mine… 
I'm so excited to have some family come and visit me later this week. A break from the monotonous.
I love sightseeing with other people. So not a whole lot of knitting will get done but thats ok too!