Sew Foxy Knitting Bag Tutorial

I have the pleasure of being an Ambassador for DailyLike fabrics and I can't tell you how much I love their fabrics. I am so happy to share with you all a lovely little tutorial for a fun project bag for all you knitters and crafters. I hope you enjoy! 

Download the pattern here. 

Download the template here. 

Knitting Bag Template. 

A few notes about the pattern,

Please read through the entire instructions.

All seams are ¼” unless stated otherwise.

The pockets are optional, the instructions for both types of pockets are at the end but the placement for the pockets is between step 3 & step 4.

The pattern is completely adjustable, for example you can add length or width to the template, just keep in mind the fabric requirement will change. Also when picking fabrics keep in mind the bag is reversible.

For the interfacing I used Pellon 809 Décor Bond on the outer fabrics and Pellon 987F fusible fleece for the inner lining fabrics. This provided extra structure and sturdiness so that the bag can stand on its own. These are my preferred interfacings. The choice of interfacing is up to you.
When printing the pattern, print scale to 100%. There is a little square at the top of the page which should measure 1”x1” if printed to correct size.

Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of all the sewing.

The photos below go along with the pattern. 

·      ½ yd outer fabric Winter Fox Canvas Dailylike
·      ½ yd inner Natural Linen Dailylike
·      ½ yd each type of fusible interfacing
·      cotton webbing

RST – right sides together

I would love to see all of your finished bags so please tag me on instagram or use the #thlknittingbag.

Happy Sewing.


in search of bluebonnets

Saturday afternoon couldn't have been a prettier day for a country drive. The breeze was cool and the sun was warm, the clouds looked like cotton balls but best of some the texas bluebonnets have appeared early. Peak bloom is still a couple weeks yet and we do have plans for a texas hill country road trip like we did last year but for now I absolutely love seeing the early flowers. Fields of indian paintbrush aldo cowslips and cow parsley, gray vervain, firewheels, indian strawberry and my favorite pink primrose all along the hedgerows and roadsides. We stopped a few times to take pictures but mostly just enjoyed the drive. Its still a bit early like I said but we drove the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail. 
We needed a break, this past week was nuts. Our little dog has been sick and its been painful because there just isn't much you can do. Diabetes, pancreatitis, dehydration just to name a few things our old gal has been going through. She's turned a corner and on the mend and finally this morning after a few weeks she finally seems herself again. Dog kisses are the best!
I've been working diligently on some secret projects, some sewing & some knitting. I finished one knitting project and started another. I finished my cameo shawl. It turned out lovely. It was for a friend. She's recieved it and let me know she loved it. Thank goodness, its always a bit of worry.
I used the lovely fingering o-wool. Such a nice spongy yarn! 
Also on the needles at the moment, are my Underwing Mitts. I love butterflies but this is the underwing moth and I love it. This pattern is so pretty. I will knit another pair maybe in the prescribed yarn in the pattern but for now its Woodbury by missbabs. First time using this yarn and I am loving it. So glad I have more somewhere in my stash. All of a sudden today, I had this feeling to work on wips so I'm hoping to get some wips off the needles this week, I have so many half finished pairs of socks. My sock knitting mojo has somewhat disappeared, honestly I knit so many last year I don't have any motiviation to knit any right now. But I really should finish what I have at least before I cast on something new.
I did do some sewing that was a quick project. I finally got around to sewing some journal covers. The tutorial is in the Makingzine by Madder. I admire the projects Lori does and I'm so glad she shared how to make a journal cover. I had a few and just got to it. I love how they turned out. Now I want to make a cover for everything.