wips, finished socks and weekend flowers

This past weekend my husband David and I decided to do a last minute road trip as he had forgotten that he had asked for a couple days off of work which is nice..  So on thursday we packed up the dogs, a few bags and I brought with me about a million projects to knit on which didn't even get worked on and our bikes.  We decided to head out to the hill country just for some exploring. Doesn't get any better than beautiful sunshine, fields of wildflowers, meandering rivers and trails to hike and bike on, lonely country roads, little one horse towns and small hidden out of the way cafes with the best bbq and chicken friend steak (a must if you live in TX)!!
It was so nice to get away and I'm so glad we did. The weather is gloomy and wet and horrible at the moment. 
So here are a few of my photos from our getaway. 

I may have a few knit wips at the moment but sometimes you just don't want to work on any of them so I pulled out some cross stitch projects that have been neglected for a few months and are more than a little wrinkled! I have about 5 cross stitch projects that are in varying stages of almost finished.. I just need to make the effort to squeeze them in between all my other crafty pursuits! 
In the meantime because I didn't have enough already on the go, I finally cast on a shawl I have been just craving to knit ever since the pattern was released, the farmhouse shawl by Cabinfour. 
I'm using some lovely and soft lavender yarn by We Are Knitters. Its so nice to knit with and this shawl will be cosy and huge and perfect for fall and winter! 
I've actually finished some more socks too! I'm so pleased that I have been knitting socks again.

Setting up a new project for whenever I finish a few..  She seeks wool cross stitch
 Almost there with the winterwoods sampler

And lastly I am currently listening to A Summer Before The War, which I am loving!

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all about stripes.

Last week was the most dreary week. Raining, cold and very very stormy at times.
Right now as I look out the window above my desk, the sky is very blue and the sun is shining.
Such a beautiful day and what a change from last week. I spent all my spare time last week 
knitting socks and curled up on the couch reading. Today I just want to go for a long walk outside and enjoy the warmth. Its supposed to warm up quite a bit.
Everything is really green and a hint of the wildflower season has begun. Spring is right around the corner and I am really looking forward to it. I spotted bluebonnets all over the city this past weekend. 
I really love flowers. Just in case any of you reading my blog are interested I did release my Wildflowers & Honeycomb sock pattern. My first little foray into designing. I don't have any plans to do any more designing but just a couple more sock ideas. There are plenty of sock patterns to choose from on Ravelry, whats few more, right?! I do have much greater appreciation for knitwear designers though, seeing it from the other side opened my eyes to just how much work goes into designing and all I did was a basic sock pattern! A big thank you to my lovely knitterly friends who test knit too!
Speaking of knitting socks, I've been knitting up all the stripes. Really addicted to self striping at the moment. You can't just stop with one, you have to keep going and going and going...
Recently Susan B Anderson completed a pair of socks where she alternated colors between two different self striping skeins, which is awesome! I think I might try that with knit picks felici ,which is in my stash. In my sock knitting adventures, I have discovered that I do not like Chiagoos or Karbonz. The way I hold my needles might have something to do with that though, I find my hands hurt after using them. I really love my new Majestics dpns, they're very smooth. 
KnitPro Zings dpns, which I bought off of Etsy because they are not available here in the US. The tips are a little more blunt but feel great in my hands. HiyaHiya Sharps circulars, which I bought from my LYS and yes they are sharp so you have to get used to them but they feel good to knit with. I prefer to knit cuff down but I am not opposed to toe up and have been trying out several different cast on methods which is always fun and I'll share on a later post. 
Stripes have also made into my shawls as of late, I recently finished the three color shawl by Joji and I am test knitting her latest shawl design which also has stripes. I went with a very vibrant bright fuschia pink and grey of course!  The yarns are Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Sock and Tusken Knits
I may have ordered some more self striping yarn, from here and here.. oops, that darn buy it now button is always getting in the way!